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Sea - Copse - Hill Estate


Sold By Auction At Ryde 20th July 1899

The following information has been taken from the sale prospectus on the above date and has been copied for historical record, however it is well worth reading as it describes the area in 1899.

THE SEA-COPSE-HILL ESTATE is situated five minutes’ walk from Wootton Railway Station at one end, and about five minutes’ walk from Whippingham Railway Station at another end, ten minutes’ walk from Wootton Telegraph Office, Post Office and Telephone Office, Churches, Chapel, Shops, etc, three and a half miles from Ryde at one end, two miles from Newport at the other end, and two miles from East Cowes at another. A post office pillar-box is at about five minutes' walk.

The Sea-Copse-Hill estate adjoins the woods and lands of the Osborne Estate belonging to Her Majesty the Queen. Two of the Queen’s entrance lodges almost adjoin two ends of the Estate. One of Her Majesty's private drives runs along the whole length of one side of this Estate forming LOTS 1 & 2.

Wootton Church is five minutes’ walk from Lot 9. St, Michael Church, Wootton Common, is ten minutes walk from lots 1, 5, 6, 8, and 11. Whippingham Church is twenty minutes' walk from Lot 2, Chapels are within easy walk.

Shooting over the Sea-Copse-Hill Estate has generally been let with other lands at a sum which would apportion £35 per annum to this Estate, and it could be let at this sum now as the woods provide excellent pheasant and rabbit shooting, and the open land partridges, etc.

Wootton is an exceedingly picturesque township, and rapidly rising in popular favour for Residences.

It has long lakes known as Wootton Creek or The Fishbourne, beautifully timbered to the water’s edge, and well furnished with pleasure boats.

The Agriculture, Commerce, and Fisheries of the Island are prosperous. At Cowes a large number of men are employed in making yachts, lifeboats, and vessels of the smaller kind for our navy and for foreign countries.

The Sea-Copse-Hill Estate adjoins the Osborne Estate. In which the latter stands the palace known as Osborne House, the Marine Residence of her Majesty the Queen. Osborne, like the Sea-Copse-Hill Estate, is in Whippingham parish. The Parish Church, which was originally dedicated to St. Mildred in the 12th Century, was rebuilt 38 years ago. The Queen built the Chancel in 1855. It contains splendid memorials to the prince Consort and other members of the Royal family.

Kings, Queens, Princes and other personage of the world find in Cowes district of the Isle of Wight a favourite resort. Off Cowes and Ryde may be seen no less a sight than the magnificent Navy of Great Britain, now one section of it, and now another: also the Great Ocean Liners of several leading Companies, and an assemblage of the finest yachts in the world, together with a Flotilla of other craft.

The nature pictures of the island probably excel in beauty a similar area in any other part of England. The Island is only, at its most, 23 miles long and 13 miles broad so that its choice and valuable area lies within a very small radius; it can be comfortably reached from London in three hours, and the crossing of the Solent Sea gives the charm of water change so natural and attractive to British families of our sea-girt Isles. Stokes Bay is only 23/4 miles across, Southsea Pier 4 1/4 miles, and Southampton 13 1/2 miles, so that visitors can choose their length of water passage. Besides the well-appointed and comfortable steamers which run between these places and the Isle of Wight there are others which make frequent miniature voyages to various parts of the English and French Coasts.

The Climate of the Isle of Wight has been described by Sir James Clarke, an eminent physician and climatologist, as one of the most desirable, both for the person in robust health and for invalids. Some parts are sheltered and warm whilst others are exposed and bracing.

The Chines or Ravines of the Island lend a peculiarly romantic aspect to the general scenery. The Island has been described as the finest geological field in the world. In history and botany it is also exceedingly interesting. Its birds number 220 different species and its butterflies 52.

The Woods on the Sea-Copse-Hill Estate are very attractive in character. They are resonant with the songs of nightingales and other of Nature’s musicians. They are carpeted with wild flowers of many hues and species and, in their luxuriant growth of underwood-jungle, ornamented with a large number of forest tress. They offer ready made pleasure grounds which, with adaptations by hand of Art, could be formed into gardens of highly aesthetic and attractive character. Grounds, moreover, which might still be retained as preserves for Pheasants, Woodcock and other game.

The Sea-Copse-Hill Estate offers to land buyers unusual opportunities for securing desirable sections of land in valuable positions out of which large future profits may be made by holding or by building developments. Whilst apart from their residential and commercial value, and the value of the timber, they can yield a small interest from a mere agricultural and shooting rental. At present the 45 acres of Woods are in hand, together with a Cottage and Buildings, and the remainder is let at a rentals of £72.14s. per annum, £90 per annum, and Shooting is worth £35 per annum, apart also from the Gravel Quarry and the Spring of Water.

Mr. Leicester Gataker, the well-known Water-finder expert, has reported his opinion upon the three fields forming lots 6, 8, 10, 11, which the Auctioneers submit may reasonably be considered as representative of the water existing under the whole estate.

Lot Particulars

Repeat information contained above has been deleted on all individual lot details listed below.

Lot 1 Freehold Meadow & Woodland
It has a frontage to the main road Ryde/Newport of 600 ft and comprises of 29 acres approx. This lot is bounded by the brook which divides the estate from Osborne. One of the entrance lodges to Osborne adjoins Lot 1.
There are buildings comprising of Cow-house, Poultry-house, Piggeries & Cattle Yard. The meadows are park-like in character and have a carriage road running through them. They are ornamented by thirty-five oak trees which, as well as all the trees in Greatmead Copse and the Underwood, will be included in the purchase price. The copse is a beautiful feature of this lot.

The meadows in this Lot together with lot 3, the meadow portion of Lot 4, and one of the Cottages of Lot 5 are let to Mr. Mew at a rental of £370 per annum, and £2.14s as interest for outlay on buildings, but notice has been served on Mr. Mew to give up possession on the 11th of next October so that the purchaser may have possession by that date. The woodland is in hand.

Lot 2 Freehold Woodland. [known as Timber Copse]
It has a frontage to the main road from Ryde/Cowes [Brocks Copse Road] of about 425 ft. It adjoins Lot 1 in the rear, and is bounded by the brook which divides the estate from the woodlands known as Brock’s Copse, which are part of Osborne. Another of the lodges almost adjoins Lot 2 which comprises of 14 acres approx. It has two glades or drives through the wood, and presents a charming site for the erection of a Residence. The underwood, by clearance and adaptation, could be formed into most attractive pleasure ground. Timber and underwood will be included in the price.

The Tithe Rent Charge is apportioned by the vendor for the purpose of sale at £2. 9s. 8d and which, by Willich tables, show the actual payment in 1899, to be £1.13s.10d.

Lot 3 Freehold Meadow Land
Is surrounded by Lot 1,2 and 4 and has a frontage to the main Ryde/East Cowes of about 500ft and comprises 8 acres approx. It commands beautiful views of the Queen’s woods, inland scenery, and of the Solent Sea, and is suitable for the erection of a residence. Tithe Rent Charge £1. 9s.2d, actual payment for 1899, to be 19s 11d.

Lot 4 Freehold Woodland & Meadow
It adjoins Lots 1,3,5,6 and 7. It has a frontage to the main Ryde/East Cowes road of 470ft and comprises 17 acres approx. It commands extensive land and sea views and is a good site for a residence. The woodland is carpeted with a great variety and profusion of wild flowers and by an artistic designing could be formed into charming and romantic pleasure grounds. The whole of the timber and underwood is included. In the meadow is a Rick yard. Tithe Rent £2,17s.11d, actual for 1899, £1.19s. 6d.

Lot 5 Freehold Woodland
It adjoins lots 1, 4, and 6, has a frontage to the main road from Ryde/Newport of about 725ft and comprises 17 acres approx. The two Villa-Cottages [Belmont] contain six bedrooms, two sitting rooms, two kitchens, two coal houses, two sculleries and two E.C.s, and although forming two separate dwellings could be made into on convenient Villa residence, they are brick, and slate built. They have flower gardens and a large kitchen garden in the wood. The buildings close to the cottages comprise poultry house, workshop, meal house, and high railed – in dog kennels. The buildings in the wood comprise a cattle yard, fodder house, and stable.

The wood contains some beautiful glades and rambles and would form, with little adaptation, very charming pleasure grounds. At one part is a dry lake let with banks and sluice box, which having got into disrepair the water has not been retained, but if restored would form a most attractive ornamental feature, or it would make an extensive tennis ground. Lot 5 therefore is a valuable building site.

The whole of the timber and underwood is included. Tithe Rent £3 actual for 1899, £2.0s. 11d. One cottage is at present occupied by Mr Wheeler, the gamekeeper, and the other by Mr Mew the tenant of the meadowland; but possession may be had on completion.

There are about 100 head of poultry, about 60 heads of young pheasants [beside wild game], coops, gates, ferrets, iron traps, kennels etc., which shall be taken by the purchaser at a fair price.

Purchaser of this lot shall not prevent the flow of water from the spring by the cottage into Lot 1.

Lot 6 Freehold Arable Field
It adjoins lots 4, 5, 7, and 8 has a frontage to the main road from Ryde/Newport of about 555ft and comprises 16 acres approx. This field contains very valuable spring of water, which may be profitably adapted. This lot is also a choice building site, lying high, an d commanding extensive picturesque views of sea and land Mr Leicester Gataker the well-known water expert in his report states the following with regard to lot 6 {information condensed] Seven pegs to a depth of between 20 and 30 feet gave readings of between 120/300 gallons per hour.

Out of the seven springs reported to exist in this lot, the purchaser of this lot shall not divert the flow of, nor pollute the water running from the two springs, which now supply lot 5.

Tithe Rent £2. 14s 6d actual for 1899, £1.17s. 1d. the purchaser shall pay the amount of grass seed bill which is £5, 10s. 10d. and which gives a crop next year, the seed having been sown with the barley.

Lot 7 Freehold Arable Field
It adjoins lots 4, 6, 8 and 9, has a frontage to the main road from Ryde/East Cowes [Brocks Copse Road] and comprises approx. 14 acres. [We believe this is the land on which Westwood House was built]. This field contains two forest oak trees, and a crop of seed grass, all of which is included. This lot commands very extensive charming views of the Solent Sea, the Hampshire coast and the Isle of Wight ranges, and is a valuable building site. Tithe Rent £2.9s.9d, actual payment for 1899, £1.13s 11d.

Lot 8 Arable Field
It adjoins lots 6, 7, 9, and 10 and has a frontage to the main road from Ryde/Newport of about 550ft and comprises 17 acres approx. It commands magnificent sea and land views, and is a valuable site for building purposes. Mr Leicester Gataker states:
Four pegs to a depth of 40 to 50 feet gave readings of 90/150 gallons per hour.

Tithe Rent £2. 17s. 6d actual for 1899, £1. 19s 2d.

Lot 9 Meadow Land
It is situated at the corner of the main Ryde/East Cowes road where it branches off to Wootton Church and Woodside, and has a frontage to two roads of 1290ft [Palmers/Brocks Copse] and comprises of approx 8 acres. This valuable old meadow land contains six forest oak tree and five forest elm, which are included. It lies very high, and possesses very grand nature of the Solent Sea, the Hampshire coast and the Isle of Wight ranges, and intermediate scenery, and is an exceptionally choice building site.

Tithe Rent £1.9s. 3d actual for 1899, 19s. 11d

Lot 10 Arable Field
It adjoins lots 8, 9, and 11, and has a frontage to the main Ryde/East Cowes road of and comprises of 13 acres approx. This lot is valuable building land, and is fully ripe, being but a few minutes’ walk from Wootton Railway Station, Township, post, and telegraph, and telephone office, shops etc. The sewer connected with the Wootton system of drainage comes very near this lot.

Lot 10
Lies very high, and the views obtained from it are exceedingly picturesque and very extensive embracing the Hampshire range of hills, Lee-on-Solent and the coast, the Royal woods, Osborne Towers, Parkhurst Forest, the Freshwater hills, the Medina River, Ashley Downs, the Solent Sea, and great variety of inland and water scenery generally. Mr Leicester Gataker, states three pegs to a depth of 50 feet gave a reading of between 80/120 gallons per hour.

Tithe Rent £2.4s. 4d., actual for 1899, £1.10s. 1d.

Lot 11 Freehold Land
It adjoins lot 8, and 10, has a frontage to the main Ryde/Newport road of about 560 feet, and a frontage to the Ryde/East Cowes road of 300 feet and comprises of 3 acres approx [corner Lushington Hill/Palmer Road]. Apart from its value as building land it possesses a valuable gravel quarry. Mr Leicester Gataker states 2 pegs, one to a depth of 350 feet gave 2000 gallons/hour and one to 50 feet gave 120 gallons/hour.

Tithe Rent 13s, actual for 1899, 8s 11d.

Lot has a guide post upon it pointing to each road of the four-ways, thus; - [A] To Wootton Station, [B] To East Cowes via Brocks Copse, [C] To Wootton, Binstead, and Ryde, [D] To Newport and Cowes.

NOTE: - Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are let to Messrs. Collins and Lacey at £90 per annum, but their tenancy terminates at Michaelmas next, subject however to their retaining the use of some of the land for three weeks thereafter to get off their crops, and to the use of the Rick Yard on Lot 4 till the 6th April next.

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Source: Mr Bob Long

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