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Fatting Park Farm

Robert Stayner Holford, late of Westonbirt, Tetbury, Gloucester. Esquire, by his will dated 7 August 1889, appointed his wife Mary Ann Holford, his son George Lindsay Holford and his son-in-law The Right Honourable Albert Edmund Parker Earl of Morley, executors thereof, to his son all hereditaments and real estate arising or being on the Isle of Wight. Robert Stayner Holford died 22 February 1892.

George Lindsay Holford (Sir George Lindsay Holford) made his will dated 27 July 1926 appointed The Right Honourable Charles Robert 5th Earl Grey of Howick, Alnwick, Northumberland, Guy Holford Benson of 32 Montague Square, London. Gentleman and Reginald Lindsay Benson of 16 Hays Mews, Berkeley Square, London. Gentleman. Sir George L Holford died 11 September 1926.

18 November 1927

The Personal Representatives of Sir George Lindsay Holford convey unto the Purchasers, George Moody and George Bernard Moody both of Whitehouse Farm, Brading, Isle of Wight. Farmers, those piece or parcel of land with the messuage or farmhouse, cottage and other buildings erected thereon known as “Fatting Park Farm”, near Wootton, Isle of Wight containing 211.734 acres or thereabouts as described in the Schedule, on the 1908 OS Map. The purchase price in equal shares for the sum of Three thousand and fifty pounds.

Mortgage Dated 19 November 1927

George Moody and George Bernard Moody (borrowers) and Charles William Cooke of Wellow. IoW. Assistant Oversear George Henry King of 8 Blendworth Terrace, Clarence Road, Ventnor, IoW. Gardener
John Cooper Williams of 6 St John's Road, Newport, IoW. Confectioner
Ernest Willsteed of Victoria Road, Cowes, IoW. Water Manager. The Trustees of the Isle of Wight District of the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society (The Lenders)
The sum of Two Thousand Pounds.

Deed Dated 23 March 1943

1st part - Walter McEwen of Newnham Road, Binstead, IoW Market Gardener (called "the Grantor")
2nd part - James William John Havelock of Little Briddlesford, Wootton, IoW Farmer
Albert Oliver of Lushington Hill, Wootton, IoW Gardener
John Vivian Wadham of Palmers Road, Wootton, IoW School Teacher
George Moody of The Haven, Park Road, Wootton, IoW Farmer
being the four senior Trustees of the United Methodist Chapel at Station Road, Wootton, IoW
3rd part - and George Bernard Moody of Park Road, Wootton, IoW Farmer
George Moody Senior of The Haven, Park Road, Wootton, IoW Farmer
4th part - The Southern Railway Company are collaborating in the construction of a sewer or drain for the drainage of several properties situate in or near Station Road, Wootton being approximately delineated in the plan and section annexed a Septic Tank at site marked "No. 3 I.C." on land known as Quarrels Copse.

2 October 1944

Conveyance between George Moody formerly of Whitehouse Farm, Brading and now of The Haven, Park Road, Wootton Retired Farmer (Vendor) and George Bernard Moody formerly of Whitehouse Farm, Brading and now of Grove House, Park Road, Wootton. Farmer (Purchaser)

Whereas the Vendor has agreed to sell all his share and interest in the said property All Those pieces or parcels of land with the messuage or farmhouse cottage and other buildings erected there on known as "Fatting Park Farm", Wootton containing 160.440 acres for the sum of Two Thousand Pounds.

Memorandum: By Conveyance 19 January 1951 between George Bernard Moody and Rodney Arthur Warne for the property known as No. 2 Park Farm Cottages, High Street, Wootton. No. 633 on the Ordnance Field.

Memorandum: By Conveyance 16 October 1964 between George Bernard Moody (1st part) Phyllis Lucy Batt (2nd part) John Crouch Conning (3rd part) Ordnance Survey No's 631, 630, 628, 681 pat, 678, 626 and 682 to said John Crouch Canning.

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