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Petition For Road Safety Measures, 6 May 1950

A petition signed by 350 residences of Wootton asking for a side path along the whole length of the High Street, adequate lighting and other safety measures was presented to the Mayor of Newport [Mr. G. C. Russell, J.P.] by the Rector Rev. Genower and the church warden Dr. Kennedy M.B.E., O.St.J., J.P. and Col. A. J. Tayacke last Tuesday.

The petition was also supported by staff at the village school in New Road on behalf of the children. The decision to draw up the petition was made at the Wootton Parish Church Council annual meeting on the 23 March. This was after 15 year old Wendy Price had been knocked off her bicycle and badly injured three weeks earlier.

The Mayor promised that a light would be placed outside Wootton Lodge and supplementary lighting and other safety measures for the village would be considered by the Town Council.

Minutes Of Newport Town Council

24 June 1950

In reply to a question regarding the safety concerns raised by the people of Wootton the chairman stated the matter was in hand and a specification was being prepared by the Borough Engineer.

The Bridge June 1950 Issue Subject: Road Safety In Wootton

Readers will have seen the report in the local press about the petition that was presented to the mayor of Newport on the 2 May by the Rector and the churchwardens. The petition was signed by 350 people and the sheer number convinced the Mayor that there was a problem with the village lighting.

The Mayor has promised the following -
6 extra lights in Church Road and one outside Wootton Lodge [High Street]
Pavements down the High Street would costing ₤2000.

The subject of road improvements would be taken up with the Department of Transport.
Improvements in footpaths promised, especially at the corner of Red Road, blind approaches of all roads into the High Street [Crossways and Palmers Road] It was also noted the dangerous state of Lushington Hill without footpaths.

Note:- Station Road did not have footpaths either.

Source: Isle of Wight County Press

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