Tree Stuck by Lightening, Wootton 1907 Ryde lifeboat Disaster 1907 Ryde Esplanade circa 1920 Humerous Postcards Union Street, Ryde 1900 Wootton Holiday Camp circa 1972 Ryde Pier c1920 Ryde County Hospital Wootton Bridge Mill c1900 Entrance to Lakeside Holiday Camp

Welcome to the Towill Collection

Trevor and Shelia Towill and their son Michael who are residents of the village have allowed us access to their extensive collection of Isle of Wight postcards. They have graciously allowed us to scan a selection of these historical postcards.

They believe their collection should be shared and be available to everyone to enjoy as they do, and they have chosen our historical web site as a medium through which this can be achieved.

The presentation of over 500 pictures has been broken down into a series of groups and generally spans the period 1900 – 1970. It is a unique collection, and I am sure many pictures are not generally available to the general public.

These collections represent years of work and are an insight into the island as it once was. So please browse through and enjoy this unique collection.