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Living History

Chronological History of Wootton High Street

1840 - 2006

The High Street as we know it today was originally part of the Robert Stayner Holford Estate and the village first started to develop around 1840,(the area was known as Bridgemead Field, and as today land was being leased to generate income for the estate).

A common theme ran through most of the leases; - “All plots had to be fenced or hedged within one month; a good substantial stone or brick dwelling house to be erected at lessee’s cost within twelve month’s. The site of domestic offices, outbuildings and pigsty to be concealed”. A final clause was, “the business of innkeeper, retailer of beer, brewer, cattle slaughterer, or any noisy nuisance or offensive trade or business could not be carried on”. All leases were for 1000 years, at the rate of £4 per annum, payable quarterly.

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Starting from Mill Square going up on the right hand side.

Chronological History of the High Street 1840 - 2006
Date Street Number Type of trade/business and any additional information
1888-1904 Ivy Hall Corner of Mill Square and High Street George Taylor
1924/25? Miss Taylor
1840-2005 Wesleyan Chapel
[See information under Churches]
Building ceased to be used for worship and closed
2006 Application for conversion into 3 units of living accommodation with vehicle access
1936 8/10 Properties owned by Leonard Souter and would have been occupied by the mill workers. Recorded names of occupiers were Hartnell, Vanner, Donnelly, Barton and Kentfield
1940+ Names to be checked
1861 12/14/16 Plots bought by Joseph Chappell, a Ryde builder. Annual rent £6. Lease stipulated that the houses had to have a value of at least £200 each.
1862+ 12
1862+ 14
1990 Dawnes & Edgerton
1993 J P Edgeton
1862+ 16
Junction High Street/ New Road upward
1900 18/20 Annual rent was £3 due to dark shape of plot. The cottage was built by John Mew, and was leased to the National Telephone Company. In 1900 telephones were a new invention, few people had access to them, so the provision of a public call box was an essential requirement. The call box was just inside the front garden “where subscribers may be rung from” in other words a public telephone. Telephone No. 1
1945-61 Post Office Telephone Exchange (Laurence C. Smith) – Kiosk
1961+ The property reverted to private house in 1961, a new exchange built higher up the High Street, [adjacent No. 44A/44B]
1857 22 John Mew, farmer built a detached property
1875-1906 Edmund Mew, Baker, grocer and provisions
1894-1915 Alfred J. Mew also ran a pork butcher, together with the bakery and provisions. It had one of only 6 telephones that existed in Wootton at that time. Telephone No.7
1900-30 For a brief period Alfred’s brother, George, ran the post office. Telephone No.2 available for post office business only.
1931-45 Edgar Thorne ran his bakers business from these premises, bread being baked at the rear. During World War II, the bakery suffered a near miss from enemy aircraft. Listed in I.W. Timetable & Telephones. Telephone No.84
1947-48 Partnership between Dick Gray and Harry Coombes, trading as Coombes and Gray. Bakers, confectioners and Grocers
1961? Havenstreet Electrical
1982-83 B C Cooper. Newsagent. Telephone No.882130
1990 D Cooper. Newsagents
1990> Paul Jacobs. Wisteria Gallery – Picture Framing. Tel. No.882980. Note to the rear of Wisteria there was a Classic Furniture Restorer who closed in 2006.
1971-73 22 [a] Ace Shoe Repairs- Full range of summer footwear stocked [business moved to Newport]
1974-92 [a] B. C. Cooper. Newsagent
1983> [b] Hair Care [ladies & gentlemen’s hairdressing]
High Street/Red Junction upward
24/26/28 The properties known as 1, 2 and 3 Bay Tree Cottages built with Grey fronted brick
1852-55 24 John Osborne, cabinet maker
? Peter Fisher
1855-89 26 William Osborne, mariner
1855-? 28 George Bailey Osborne, carpenter
? 30/32/34 Properties built of grey fronted bricks. Ownership unknown
36/38 Properties known as 1 and 2 Briar Bank. Ownership unknown
1907 Reading Room [original site of conservative hall?]
1914-24 40 Conservative Hall started just before start of First World War I and not completed until 1924. Construction re-commenced with the addition of a large hall 40 feet by 25 feet, capable of seating 200 persons. The cost of the project being £380 all but £80 being subscribed by local Conservatives. The hall opened in August 1924 by Mrs. Morgan Hickman, wife of a former Conservative candidate
1930s Aside from its political purpose, it was also used for village social functions including dances and many years staged village entertainments including a performance of Cinderella, sung by the Ugly sisters; -
We’re going to the ball,
There’s going to be drink and all,
The Sloop is providing it mostly I think,
There’s coffee from Abells for those who don’t drink,
But when the wine’s ready, I’ll tip you the wink.
These words were kindly supplied by Mr. Ron Cheverton of New Road
1935 Conservative Club – H. Simons. Hon. Secretary
1950s-56 Wootton Creek Sailing Club
1961 The hall closed and for many years was used by a cosmetics manufacturer [based in Binstead]
1981> Re-opened as a private village shopping arcade, by the Rector, Revd. George Rayner. He was ably “assisted” by his Old English sheepdog Bumble, by whose name the arcade is now known by. Many small businesses have come and gone over the passage of time. These have included Gents Hairdresser, Ceramics Workshop, Clothing Manufacturer, Photograph Studio, Veterinary Surgeon, the original site of Wisteria Gallery and many others
1855 42/44 William Henry Thearle, a carpenter together with his wife, Anne and family. These properties are also known as No’s 1 and 2 Oak Villas
2006 44A New Build
2006 44B New Build
1961 British Telecom Exchange [this is sited next to Elizabeth Ann]
1964-85 H. J. Aedy, Wootton Garage Fiat, Morris and M.G. dealerships Telephone No 711/2.[Note, The garage was originally on Red Road next to the house called "Ebenezer". When the garage closed and was sold, the site became the home to several businesses as listed below.
1985> Minghella I.W. Ltd. – purpose built factory for the manufacture of “real ice cream”
1990> Elizabeth Ann Studio – Bedrooms and Kitchens
1990? One Stop Supermarket
2005> Tesco Express
1990/98? Texaco [Harwood Garage]
Dave Vale. – Wootton Cars – Used Car dealer.The land was sold and planning permission obtained for housing development. Sold to Tesco Express. Planning permission sought for new store, currently held over due to property access rights. Now built and open (2012)
Junction Rectory Drive/High Street upward
This area was originally Glebe land, sold by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 9 lots. Each plot of land having a frontage of 50 feet with an average depth of 175 feet
1946 70
1948-52 Mildred A, Millicent I, Mona P K Wickenden
2007 Road Survey – House name ‘Vippa’
1946 72
2007 Road Survey – House Name ‘Spinakers’
1946 74
2007 Road Survey – House Name ‘St Brelanes’
1935-51 76 Lydia, Ladies Hairdresser. [A.F.M.Jeffery]
2007 78 Road Survey – House name ‘Derry Down’
1904 80 Thomas Barton – House name 'Mentone Villa'
1924-25 Arthur J White - House name ‘Mentone’
1951 George Henry William – builder
1987 Vectis Organ Services, Melotone House
1977 84 R S Williams
1948 88 E Barton – House name ‘Southover’
1946-52 90 A P Bayzand – House name ‘Ingerthorpe’
1974-79 A G Brieley
2007 Road Survey – House name ‘The Briary’
1981-83 92 J Russell – House name ‘Overbrook’
1973-82 94 D J Fisher
1982> Dr Beeble
? Medina Healthcare
1968-82 96 Herbert William Matthews – House name 'Hillside'
1992 M J Ash
1980> 102 Peter Mundell
104 House name, – ‘Cranbrook’
Plot 30 feet frontage Sold to IW Electric Light & Power Co
1935 116 Drs. Sim & Kennedy. Physcns & surgns. – House name ‘Gilwell’
1935-80 Dr. Frank Robert Bernard Howard Kennedy and Dr. Porteous
<1850 Wootton Lodge [See under Houses & People]
1859-71 Misses White.
Francis White Popham – Lord of the Manor. J.P.
Capt. William Makant.
Col. John Clapham Minto – HM Indian Staff Command.
Dwelling house lawn plantation paddock pieces of land stables, coach houses, Cottage laundry buildings being in the Parishes of Whippingham and North Arreton known as “Wootton Lodge” 17½ acres.
John Walter Langton.
Junction of Church Road and High Street, also previously known as Wootton Hill
Starting from the Millpond and carrying on up the hill on the left hand side. Commencing at the Bridge alongside the Old Mill Pond, this area was part of the Fleming Estate. And prior to the 1907 boundary changes was located in the Parish of North Arreton. Down on the left now a tarmac road was the site of Lakeside Country Park [see separate article under Holiday Venues]
June 1937 Lakeside “Splendid New Café” and associated car park [See article under Holiday Venues]
1938 facilities boasted largest swimming pool with Tahit bar and dance floor
1945 Island Estates Ltd – Lakeside Café [William Sidney Coghlan] Telephone No. 3
1952 Purchased by William Sydney Coghlan Telephone No. 130
1957 Joseph Morland - licensee
1961 Fredrick Riles - licensee
1965 William & Penelope Fulljames – Lakeside Inn
1971 G J & John S Fulljames (Directors) - Lakeside Inn Telephone No.530. The island’s beauty spot, safe boating on our mile long natural lake.
The Island’s largest swimming pool, hard tennis courts, modern camping site and luxury self-contained chalets. Fully licensed with dancing nightly in the Tahiti ballroom
1988 Purchase by Lakeside Investment Company Ltd
1991 Wembley PLC – Restaurant renamed ‘Boathouse’
2000 Godshill Park Development
2008 New Build – Hotel & Conference centre
2009 Lakeside Park Hotel & Spa
High Street
1794 A weather-board Methodist Chapel was built
1971 5A W J Waight
? 7A House
3 3 cottages at right angles (now listed buildings)
1989> 5 David Moore & family
1860 7
1887 Jubilee Fountain (now removed to gardens of 80 High Street)
1960 9 Randells - Ironmongers
Randells – Fruit & Vegetables
1967-71 H. & B. Gawn – Butcher Telephone No.430. First quality meat, real beef and pork sausages, personal attention
1980s> Hamilton Fine Foods. Butchers and greengrocers Telephone 882430
1982 9a Wootton Washeteria
1990s Wootton Laundrette. Mrs E Draper-Oatley
Opposite New Road and up to what is now Brannon Way, in 1832 the land was part of the Fleming Estates, and it consisted of Haydens Farm containing Old Paddock, Wheat Earth Mead, Lower Mead, Hill Ground, a wood, barn, yard, pond, wash-house, garden & tenement.
This area has now become the main shopping area for the village with many small thriving businesses, however over the years a number have ceased trading due to the impact of large supermarkets. Around 1984, houses were demolished to make way for Brannon Way and the associate housing development
1860 Site of 4 thatched cottages demolished to make way for the following
1971 25 National Westminster Bank [sited at the lower end of the building]
1990 Schmidt
25A Flat
1955-90 27 Wray & Sons Ltd. – The Island grocers and bakers Telephone No.261. Licensed for the sale of wines and sprits, beer and tobacco.[A branch of the shop at the top of Newport High Street]
1990 Michael Royston studio [Kitchen equipment & design]
? Mr. Stretch Veterinary Surgeon
<2005 Medina Veterinary Group (Neil Grant) Telephone 883955
27A Flat
1951-68 29 John Pocock
2000 Balti King – Indian Take Away. Telephone 883872
1908 31 George Mew – Sub-postmaster
Post Office / Call office Telephone No. 2.
Stationery, Cards etc., Confectionery, cigarettes, tobacco, soft drinks
1929-38 Edmund George Gosden – Sub-postmaster
1938-47 Mrs Mary E. Gosden – Postmistress
1951 F. M. Hale — Postmistress
1965-70 Ronald & Marjorie Fisher
1970-83 George Loveless
1985-2005 Mrs G Read — Postmistress
2006 MIGA – Chinese Take Away
1832 Hayden’s Farm (33) John Cooper Ann Cooper – farmer
1875-94 George Moody – farmer & woodman
1898 Thomas Scott
1900 Leased around 1900 to Thomas Thorn and Charles Salter, Snr.
1904 Charles Souter - farmer
1915-21 House and 16 acres of pasture sold to Mrs Ellen Lintern for use as a Dairy [Mrs M. Sargent] nee Sarah Lintern
July 1921 Frederick Cole. Conveyance – “ The Purchaser for himself his heirs and assigns hereby conveyed with the Vendor that he will not at any time suffer the premises hereby conveyed or any building to be erected thereon to be used as a place of religious worship of any description or as a hotel, inn, beershop, victualling house, eating house or as a slaughter house, foundry, limekiln, brickiln, bone grinding mill or carry on the business of a butcher, grocer, draper, confectioner, shoemaker or hairdresser nor do or suffer any act which shall be a nuisance or annoyance to the tenants or occupiers of the adjoining lands”
1951 33 Lloyds Bank. There is an extensive report on this property.
1965 Barry & Maureen Rawlance
1988 Proprietor: J T M Scott Patterson. Creature Comforts-Pet Food
1903-15 35 John Jones – Butcher
1924-39 Loader Brother – Butchers. [Bob Mundell – manager]. Telephone No.30
F. P. Lester – Butcher J F L Dove
1965 Cecil, Mabel, Michael Jolliffe
1968-82 The Fishing Smack– Local & Fresh Wet fish, etc., - Mr. Smith
1990 Tony’s Fish & Chip shop
?> Terry’s Fish & Chip Take Away
1910-35 37 Mrs. Amelia Warder family – Drapery
1930s Mrs. Tribbick
1964-67 Elise. Telephone No.360. General Drapery, ladies, men’s children’s & babies wear. Wootton C.P. School uniforms,knitting wools, toys, costume jewellery, seasonal gifts.
Kenneth, Shelia Lamb
Harry, Betty Gawn
1968 Michael, Rosemary Blackman
1983 Ladies & Children’s Clothes, wool, haberdashery, “Leisurewear”
1990 Londis (double fronted) – Foodmarket
1997> Sightguard Security. Telephone 884000
1910 39 William Benson – Grocers
1915-48 William John Abell – Grocer [1924-25 William jnr] Telephone No.54
1962-64 D & A Colley
1965-90 John H. Sweet – Supermarket. Telephone No.454. Permanent price reductions and special offers, prompt delivery for goods bought and left at the cash desk
1990-97 Londis – Foodmarket (Closed 1997)
1997> Sightguard Security
1915 41 James Johnson – Shoe Repairs
1924-35 Alice Johnson – Confectionery
1931-35 Mrs. Alice Johnson – Lending Library
1935 Arthur & Elizabeth Hill
1939 Mrs. Marjory Kate Bennett - Shopkeeper
1947-48 R.A. & M.K. Bennett – Confectionery. Telephone No. 223. Also stockists of hardware, stationery, tobacco, toys and ice creams, Lending Library
1964-67 Raymond, Patricia Jones – DIY. Telephone No.203
1971 Fred, Maud Bates - Handyman supplies, prompt service, friendly advice, daily deliveries
1982 Wootton Homecare – DIY Centre
1990-97 Sightguard
1997-2005 M G Heating (IW) Ltd
2005 A1 Garage Doors Specialists. Telephone: 884600
2006 ½ share Wootton Estates – Estate Agents. Telephone 883333
2008> Wootton Estate Agents
1924-27 43 Norman Adam – tea room, shopkeeper
1938-48 Cyril Archer Brading. Dispensing Chemist. Telephone No. 73
1970s Prop:- M. J. W. Haynes. M.P.S. Agents for Dorothy Gray, Yardley, Max Factor & Morny, films developed & printed.
1998> Siddy’s Dispensing Chemist (Jim Siddy). Telephone 882473
1951 45 Frank Stears – Schoolteacher
Malcolm Henderson, Florence Sejourney, Ida Byrce
1981 M Vening
? Norma Baggett - Tearoom
1990 Soft Furnishings / Hairs Anna – Unisex hairdressers
2004 Anna Haywood – Hairdresser. Telephone 883675
2006 Daydreams – Unisex hairdressers (Lisa Day)
1951 47 Herbert Wheldon
Robert, Florence, Cora, Donald Glassey
1979-84 D W Baggett
Roger Williams – ‘Squirrel Haven’
1965-70 49 Lydia Smith
1990-2000 Fox & Sons – Estate Agents
2002> Caring Cancer Care
Houses demolished to make way for Joannes Walk, Brannon Way with access to Mary Rose Avenue housing estate
Joannes Walk, Brannon Way
1990 1 Creature Comforts – Pet foods (J. Gisson). Telephone: 884270
2 The Lawns Veterinary Group
2006 Natural Beauty (Charlotte Cohen). Telephone 884036
1990 3 Deacons – Estate Agents
Vectis Trophyman (R. Butt). Telephone 884388
4/5 Associate Finance
2000 4 Wootton Bridge Help & Information Centre
2000 5 Wootton Bridge Parish Office. Telephone 884555
2000 Community Centre – Brannon Way opp. Car Park
High Street continued
1915-28 59 Thomas Scott – House name ‘Hayden Lodge’
H T Scott
1914-49 63 John Harbour- House name ‘Roslyn Cottage’
65 House name ‘Highbury’
67 Dr. J. Mackett
<1908 73 House name ‘Jesemond Dene’
2006 Road survey house name ‘Rose Cottage’
<1908 75 House name ‘Fernleigh Villa’
2006 Road survey ‘Bumble Cottage’
1924-25 77 Mrs. Barton- House name ‘Killarney Villa’ James Blackmore Harbour
1915-35 79 Frank Greenham Warne – baker & confectioner. House name ‘Clovelly’
1924-35 Charles Salter – Carrier. Telephone No. 22
1938 Mrs. F & Harry Warne – baker House name change ‘Clovelly Villa’
George Canning – baker ‘Model Bakery’
2006 Road survey – House name ‘Clovelly Villa’
<1902 81 House name ‘Bellevue Villa’
<1902 83 House name ‘Glenfield’
<1902 85 House name ‘Rosedale’
1924-25 Samuel Coffin – House name ‘Rosendale’
87 House name ‘Brooklands’
<1902 89
1922-48 H B Cullen – Sanitary Inspector
*#60;1902 91 House name ‘Bowers’
1924-25 97 Rev. Thomas Atherton Causton – curate in charge – House name ‘Meadow View’
1939 Mrs. Ethel Cockcroft – SRN, midwife
105 House name ‘Lancaster’
1935 107 Arthur George Shepherd – Insurance Agent – house name ‘Sunnylaw’
1992> Ken R Morris
1844 115 Jonathan Gain, James & Thomas Hollis
John Cooper
Thomas Nicholson, Thomas Cooper Nicholson
Ann Cooper
Diana Nicholson
William Jefferies & Agnes Mary Ford Beckingsale
1874 William Cook of Brooke, Alfred Moody of Newport
Alfred Hardy
Ann Moody
1937 Leonard Whitbread – By Will – House name ‘De-Aar’
1939 Herbert Edward & Kathleen Johncox
1947-52 Leonard Whitbread [by Assent]
Muriel Glassey – School of Dancing
Peter & Doreen Margaret Heggs
Harold Terence Parsons
1976-93 Robert Edwin Eason
Nigel Michael Davey
Possible site of Woodbine Cottage
<1823 Woodbine Cottage – James Russell – mason
1841 John Lambert
1840s James, Ann Gawn – waterman
1840s-47 William Gawn passed away aged 76
1849 Charles, Mary Pitt - sawyer
1851 Charles Flux - sawyer
1861 Stephen Thompson – brickmaker, Maria – school-mistress
1875 Ann Attrill, George Bright
1881 James Whittington - mason
George, Maetha, Elizabeth Dunning
Pathway to Downsview Gardens
Kennedy Close
1927-55 129 J. Hendy & Son – Newsagents. Telephone No.209
1965-71 Conway’s Spar Self-Service Store. Telephone No.565. Newspapers and magazines
1990 Fryer’s – Spar grocers
Spar Convenience Store
Junction of Station Road and High Street
The Cedars – Public House on corner
1951 Linden Nurseries, Ronald Cheverton – nurseryman

To the viewer, if there is any information that you can add to this listing, we would be very happy to receive it. Photocopies of original title deeds are very helpful in tracing the exact layouts of plots of land, original owners and builders.

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