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1921 Census Report

Picture of Wootton Bridge High Street
Wootton Bridge High Street

1921 list of Wootton residents in alphabetical order, together with and their address.

Note; - At the time Wootton was in the parish of Whippingham.

Information from County Records Office.

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1921 Census Report
Abell Bessie High Street
Abell William John High Street
Adams Charles Red Road
Adams Jessie High Street
Adams Walter James High Street
Adams Sarah Red Road
Allen Elizabeth Chapel Cottage, Packsfield
Allen George Chapel Cottage, Packsfield
Appel Francis Littletown Lane
Appel Leslie Francis Littletown Lane
Appel Mary Littletown Lane
Arnold Herbert Arthur Hillside
Barnett Harry High Street
Barnet Rose High Street
Barton Amy Adelaide Chancery Cottage
Barton Francis Chancery Cottage
Barton Elizabeth Hillbank
Barton Ellen The Homestead, Woodhouse
Barton Fred High Street
Barton George Alfred Lower Packfield
Barton Ida May High Street
Barton John High Street
Barton John [junior] High Street
Barton Kate Barton Kate
Barton Mary Jane High Street
Barton Nellie High Street
Barton William Barton William
Barton William George High Street
Bates Emma The Laurels
Bennett George Henry Sloop Inn, Mill Square
Bennett Marion Sloop Inn, Mill Square
Berner William George New Road
Berner Louie New Road
Booker Cecil George Station Road
Booker Frank Station Road
Booker Rosina Station Road
Brading Edward George 1 Red Road
Brading Eva The Lindens, Station Road
Brander Alexander Gordon Bridge House
Brander Madeline Rose Agnes Bridge House
Bright Annie 6 Osborne View
Bright George Henry 6 Osborne View
Bright William Alfred 6 Osborne View
Broadwin George Littletown Lane
Brodie Antoinette Jane Fernhill House
Brodie Charlie Gordon Fernhill House
Brodie Douglas Gordon Fernhill House
Brown Herbert Land Newport Road, living- Wootton Farm
Brown Jane Woodhayes Farm
Buckett Ethel High Street
Buckett Eveline Red Road
Buckett Frank Henry High Street
Buckett George Walter Red Road
Buckett Herbert Red Road
Bull William New Road
Burgess Edwin George New Road
Burgess Ellen Flora New Road
Burgess Florence Red Road
Burgess George New Road
Burgess Herbert Donald New Road
Burgess Herbert Fisher New Road
Burgess Nellie High Street
Burgess Reginald James High Street
Burgess Sarah New Road
Burgess Stanford George New Road
Calloway Fred Land Wootton Common, living-Fatting Park
Calloway George Henry Heathside Staplers
Cassell Alfred Lynn Common
Cassell Mary Lynn Common
Causton Celia Ethel The Cedars, Station Road
Causton Thomas A.B The Cedars, Station Road
Chatfeild-Clarke Edgar Oakfield
Chatfeild-Clarke Stanley Oakfield
Chatfield Charles W. New Road
Chatfield Fred Arthur New Road
Chatfield Jean New Road
Chatfield Louize New Road
Chatfield William George New Road
Cheverton Albert Greenhills
Cheverton Alfred Henry 3 Osborne View
Cheverton Caroline Station Road
Cheverton Elizabeth Greenhills
Cheverton Elizabeth Station Road
Cheverton Emma Gertrude 3 Osborne View
Cheverton Leonard Station Road
Cheverton Violet High Street
Cheverton William High Street
Childs Emma Kate High Street
Childs Joseph High Street
Clarke Stephenson Robert Woodlands, Briddlesford, living - The Cliffs Shanklin.
Coates Maria 1 Reads Cottages
Coffen Annie Mary High Street
Coffen Emily Station Road
Coffen George Red Road
Coffen Rupert King Rosendale
Coffen Samuel High Street
Cook William Victor Wootton
Cooke Charles William Lynn Common
Cooke Fanny Lower Packsfield
Cooke Percy Edward Lower Packsfield
Cooke Lilly 2 Osborne View
Cooke William Frank 2 Osborne View
Coombes Fanny New Road
Coombes Harry Ernest New Road
Cooper Edgar 1 Rectory Cottage, Church Road
Cooper Edward Michel New Road
Cooper Elizabeth New Road
Cooper Gowry Victor High Street
Cooper John New Road
Cooper Louisa New Road
Cooper Rhoda Minnie High Street
Cooper Walter New Road
Cooper William Richard Woodlands Dairy
Cresswell Thomas Littletown Lane
Cullin Henry Barton High Street
Cullin Mary High Street
Daish Bernard James Hillgrove
Daish Bertha Elizabeth Hillgrove
Dalton Herbert Lynn Cross
Dalton Louisa Lynn Cross
Darroll Ellen High Street
Darroll Henry Leopold High Street
Davis Ernest Albert Littletown
Dawson Clara Red Road
Dawson John Edmund Red Road
Denness John Edgar Littletown Lane
Denness Tryphene Littletown Lane
Dimmick Annie Hilda Red Road
Dimmick Emily High Street
Dimmick William Robert Red Road
Dore Henry Edward Knights Farm
Dove Elise Knights Farm
Dove Richard R Knights Farm
Downer Jacob High Street
Downer Louisa High Street
Drury George Red Road
Drury Lucy Red Road
Dunford Edward Barberton
Fleming Leah Jane Landscape House, Beech Lane
Fleming Sidney Landscape House, Beech Lane
Flux Rosina Wootton
Flux William Wootton
Gallop Annie Newport Road
Gallop Arthur Newport Road
Gallop George Glen Road
Gawn Elsie Hillside
Glasspell Charles Richard Land Wootton Common, living - East Cowes
Glasspell George Henry Red Road
Gdarkard Arthur Henry High Street
Gdarkard Winifred High Street
Gorman Ernest Station Road
Gorman Margaret Station Road
Gosden Edmund High Street
Gosden James Edmund High Street
Gosden Victor Edmund J. High Street
Grace William Henry Briddlesford Lodge farm, living - Alverstone Farm
Greenham Austin High Street
Greenham Austin High Street
Greenham John High Street
Greenham Lucy High Street
Gregory Albert High Street
Gregory Albert Mousehill Farm
Gregory Alice Mousehill Farm
Grey Edwin High Street
Grey Frances High Street
Groundsell James Henry High Street
Groundsell Sarah Jane High Street
Groves Fanny High Street
Groves Silas High Street
Guy Mary Ann New Road
Guy William Charles New Road
Haddon Andrew Beechwood
Haddon Bessie Beechwood
Hallam Henry Railway Cottage
Hallam Alice Railway Cottage
Harbour John Henry High Street
Harbour John James High Street
Harbour Sarah High Street
Hartnell Frank High Street
Hartnell Lizzie High Street
Harvey-Hunter Alexander Station Road
Harwood Arthur William Station Road
Harwood Jessie Station Road
Havelock Annie Little Briddlesford farm
Havelock James Little Briddlesford Farm
Havelock William Little Briddlesford Farm
Hayles Agnes Catherine Wootton Bridge
Hayles Hedley Omer Wootton Bridge
Haywood Charles Briddlesford Lodge
Hayward Sarah Briddlesford Lodge
Haywood Jettie Chapel Cottage, Fernhill
Hemming Ellen Littletown
Hemming Joseph Henry Station Road
Hemming Joseph Richard Littletown
Hemming Nellie Station Road
Henley Edwin Wootton
Hendy Albert Oliver Newport Road
Hendy Emily Osborne View
Hitchman Elizabeth Station Road
Hitchman Walter Robert Station Road
Hobbs Harry New Road
Holt Thomas Henry Hollydene, Sloop Lane
Holt Lucy Hollydene, Sloop Lane
Hooper Bertha May Kynance
Hooper John William Kynance
Jackson Hester Red Road
Jackson Percy Edwin 1 Riverdene
Jeatt Douglas John Extons
Jeatt Douglas John Extons
Jeffrey Ernest Alfred Station Road
Johnson Alfred Thomas Littletown
Johnson Alice High Street
Johnson Charles Lionel Littletown
Johnson George Littletown
Johnson James High Street
Jolliffe Laura Station Road
Jolliffe Narvel George Station Road
Jolliffe Vernon Station Road
Jones Charles George Briddlesford Lodge
Jones Emily Briddlesford Lodge
Jones Fanny New Road
Jones Percival Herbert New Road
Jones John High Street
Joyner George Station Road
Joyner Mary Station Road
Kemp Frederick Whitehayes Farm
Kentfield Alfred Red Road
Kentfield Annie Ada Hillbank
Kentfield Joseph Hillbank
Kentfield Sophia Red Road
King Frederick Charles Haydens Farm, High Street
King William George Haydens Farm, High Street
Knapp Arthur John Red Road
Knapp Edith Red Road
Landridge Edgar Wootton Bridge
Landridge Frederick Vanners Cottage
Lane Ethel May Wootton
Lane Thomas Benjamin Wootton
Langridge Frederick Vanners Cottage
Langridge Hester Vanners
Langridge James Edward New Road
Langridge Kathleen Alice New Road
Langton Elsie The Grange
Langton Ernest Charles The Grange
Lawes Albert Edward High Street
Leal George Station Road
Lintern Frederick High Street
Lintern Getrude High Street
Lintern Hilda High Street
Lintern Henry John High Street
Lintern William Francis 5 Osborne View
Lintern Amy 5 Osborne View
Lipscombe George Ernest Land at Briddlesford, living - Post Office Havenstreet
Locke Charlotte 1 Osborne View
Locke George Henry 1 Osborne View
Locke Ernest Albert High Street
Locke George Henry Knights Cross
Lovering Charles Station Road
Lovering Jane Station Road
Lowe Annie Fernbank
Lowe Arthur Fernbank
Luckett Harold William New Road
March Emma New Road
March William New Road
McDine Emily Woodmans Arms, Beech Lane
Mckerchar Edith Hillgrove House
McWhinnie Andrew High Street
Merwood Emily Station House, Beech Lane
Merwood James Station House, Beech Lane
Mew Alice Station Road
Mew Charles Arthur Station Road
Mew Elsie May Lynn Common
Mew George Post Office, High Street
Mew George Wallace Station Road
Mew Montague George Post Office, High Street
Mew Nellie Ada Post Office, High Street
Mew Richard Percy Land Staplers - living - New Fairlee Farm, Newport
Mew Sidney James Lynn Common
Miles Emily Baalams Farm, Littletown
Miles Frank George Baalams Farm, Littletown
Miles Wallace Maurice Lindley
Miller Anne 2 Station Cottages, Havenstreet
Miller George Frederick 2 Station Cottages, Havenstreet
Miller John Collicott Station Cottages, Havenstreet
Miller Reginald Arthur Station Cottages, Havenstreet
Miller Cecil William High Street
Millmore Annie Great Briddlesford Farm
Millmore George Alfred Great Briddlesford Farm
Minto Caroline 1 Woodside Villa
Moody Albert The Lodge, The Brannon’s, Beech Lane
Moody Alice Woodhouse Cottage
Moody Laura The Lodge, The Brannon’s, Beech Lane
Moody William Frederick Woodhouse Cottage
Moon Harry Arthur 1 Oak Villas
Morris Charles 1 Hillgrove Cottages
Morris Mary Ann 1 Hillgrove Cottages
Morris Charles Hillgrove
Morris George Hillgrove
Morris Margaret Isabella Hillgrove
Morris Martin 2 Hillgrove Cottages
Mould Annie Station Road.
Mould Arthur Dallison Station Road
Mowbray Mary Ann High Street
Mowbray William George High Street
Mudge Edward John High Street
Muir John Woodmans Arms, Beech Lane
Newbery Daisy New Road
Newbury Edgar John Land Staplers - living, Barton Villa, Newport
Newbury Frederick Gordon Red Road
Newbury John Wootton
Newbery Walter New Road
Noble Elizabeth Briddlesford Farm Cottage
Noble Hugh Briddlesford Farm Cottage
Oliver Albert Riverdene
Oliver Mabel Riverdene
Osborne Beatrice High Street
Oliver Bruce High Street
Parker Hannah St. Aubyns
Payne Fanny New Road
Payne Frederick New Road
Pellew Isabell High Street
Pellew Joseph Francis High Street
Phillips Albert Frederick Newport Road
Phillips Alfred Draycot Villa
Phillips Alice Draycot Villa
Phillips Winefred Draycot Villa
Phillips Arron Wiley Newport Road
Phillips Emily Newport Road
Phillips William Henry Newport Road
Philpot Elizabeth Mousehill Cottage
Philpot George Mousehill Cottage
Pitman Emily High Street
Pitman Frank High Street
Please Albert Victor Ramblers, Station Road
Please Arthur Joseph Ramblers, Station Road
Please George Jacob Ramblers, Station Road
Please Lizzie Ramblers, Station Road
Please William Henry Lindens. Station Road
Please Florence Eva Lindens. Station Road
Poole Albert Lodge, The Grange
Poole Kate Lodge, The Grange
Pople Kate High Street
Pople Naomie High Street
Pragnell Albert Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Pragnell Frank Henry Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Pragnell James Frank Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Rampton Mary High Street
Rampton William High Street
Redstone George Littletown
Ricks Hannah St Aubyns, Staplers
Rogers Frances Oakfield Dairy Cottage
Rogers Maurice Oakfield Dairy Cottage
Russell Edgar Red Road
Russell Herbert John Red Road
Russell John Red Road
Russell Mary Red Road
Russell William Red Road
Sait Cuthbert Eric Mentone
Sait Edith Mentone
Sait Harry Mentone
Sait Roderick Frank Mentone
Salter Annie High Street
Salter Charles High Street
Salter George Station Road
Salter James Station Road
Salter Leonard Littletown Lane
Salter Sarah Ann Littletown Lane
Salter Winifred Station Road
Salmon Elsie Little Briddlesford
Saunders Emily High Street
Scott Ethel Edith The Brannons, Beech Lane
Scott Frederick William The Brannons, Beech Lane
Scott Isabella Haydens Lodge, High Street
Scott Thomas Haydens Lodge, High Street
Shalders Edith Holford House, New Road
Shedden Mary Constance Land, Stabling, living - Wootton House, Beech Lane
Sheppard Alice Station Road
Sheppard Bert Red Road
Sheppard Edward Red Road
Sheppard Charles Red Road
Sheppard Edward Red Road
Sheppard Edward Charles 2 Riverdene
Sheppard Florence Hilda 2 Riverdene
Sheppard Frederick Station Road
Sheppard Joseph Red Road
Sheppard Mary Red Road
Sibbick Maurice Blakesheath
Sibbick Ada Ethel Blakesheath
Smith Albert Stable cottage, Fernhill
Smith Annie Station Road
Smith Aaran High Street
Smith Edward The Lodge, Fernhill
Smith Elizabeth Stable Cottage, Fernhill
Smith Emily The Lodge, Fernhill
Smith Frank Station
Smith Harry High Street
Smith Hilda May High Street
Smith Leslie Ernest High Street
Snellgrove Georgina 2 Prospect Cottages
Snow Alice Reads Farm Cottages
Snow Henry Reads Farm Cottages
Snow Sidney Read’s Cottage
Snow William Charles Station Road
Souter Ethel Highbury
Souter Leonard John Part of Read’s Farm - living Kite Hill
Souter William Edward Highbury
Spinks Adelaide. Station Cottage, Havenstreet
Spinks Henry George Station Cottage, Havenstreet
Spinks William Railway Cottages, Havenstreet
Stanford Annie 1 Oak Villas
Stay Albert Station Road
Stay Arthur 1 Ivy Cottages
Stay Hilda New Road
Stay James New Road
Stay Samuel New Road
Stay Samuel Ivy Cottages
Stay Sarah Bessie Ivy Cottages
Stephens Elizabeth Oakfield Lodge
Stephens George Henry Oakfield Lodge
Taylor Hannah 2 Woodside Villas
Taylor Harry 2 Woodside Villas
Taylor Lily Ivy Hall
Thompson George Ivy Cottages
Thompson Rebecca Ivy Cottages
Thompson John William Red Road
Thorn Alfred John High Street
Thorn Eva High Street
Thorn George High Street
Townsend Emily Upper Packsfield Cottage
Townsend Harry Upper Packsfield Cottage
Tribbick Harry Cecil High Street
Wadham John Clermont
Wadham Mary Clermont
Waite Alice Fernhill Farm Cottage
Waite Thomas Henry Fernhill Farm Cottage
Warder Amelia High Street
Warder Frederick High Street
Warne Ernest Frank High Street
Warne Frances High Street
Warne Frank High Street
Watson Alice Knights Cross
Watson Henry Knights Cross
Watson Charles Thomas Station Road
Wavell Fanny Red Road
Wavell Frederick Charles Red Road
Wavell George William Oak Villas
Wavell Harry Red Road
Wavell William George Red Road
Way Hermon, Major Fernhill Dairy
Way Laura Rectory Cottages
Way William David Rectory Cottages
Webb George Henry Littletown
Weeks Edward Charles’ Beech Lane
Weeks Ethel Beech Lane
Wendes Alfred Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Wendes Elizabeth Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Wendes Ernest Hilton Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Wendes William Walter Charles Prospect Cottages, Staplers
Wendes Charles Smith Close
Wendes Emily Smith Close
Wendes May Beech Lane
Wendes Richard Beech Lane
Wendes Tom 1 Station Cottages, Havenstreet
Wescombe Alfred High Stree
Wescombe Charles High Stree
Wescombe Emily High Stree
Westmore Matilda Barberton
Westmore Robert William Barberton
Whale John Lynn Cross
Whale Maude Lynn Cross
Wheeldon Daisy Clara Glencairn Villa
Wheeldon Howard Bertram Glencairn Villa
Wheeler Alfred Dorshill Farm
Wheeler Edward 3 Railway Cottages
Wheeler Elizabeth 3 Railway Cottages
Wheeler Emily 3 Railway Cottages
Wheeler James Oliver 3 Railway Cottages
Wheeler George Palmers Cottage
Wheeler Lucy Station Road
Wheeler William Station Road
Whitbread Benjamin John High Street
White Benjamin Baalams Farm, Littletown
Wickenden Alberta High Street
Wickenden William Percy High Street
Williams George Henry High Street
William Harriet High Street
Woods John Frank Red Road
Young James Red Road
Young Mary Red Road

Note;- In the 1921 Electoral Roll there were 580 people living within the boundaries of Wootton.

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