"The country around Carisbrooke is very lovely. There are
delicious green lanes, where the trees interlace overhead ... there
are lonely' farmhouses shaded by lofty spreading elms ... little
playful brooks running wild among the alder spotted meadows".

Carisbrooke is indeed a tranquil place. At one time it was the chief town of the island - the centre of all activity. It is now more of a suburb of Newport, the capital. The castle dominates the scene. However, there are lots of other delights - the fords, the mill, the Priory Pond, the pottery ...

The climb up the church tower gives one a chance to reflect - to look down on the interesting pattern of buildings leading up to the stately castle. A view in the other direction reminds us that Carisbrooke has changed with the times - new housing estates, new schools, new industry. And yet Carisbrooke has not lost its charm. Where else have you seen a road sign for 'Ducks in Road' There are always new places to explore, walks to accomplish, tales to hear.

This book is not intended as a guide but merely to give an insight into 'Carisbrooke in Times Past'. There will be many readers for whom the pictures will evoke memories and tales. It would be nice to hear them. If nothing else, the publication has given a chance for others to share in some of the old photographs of Carisbrooke that exist.

This book was originally published by Vectis Research, 37, Kingfisher Close, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight 1994.
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