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Newnham Farm Newnham Lane

Grange (Medieval 1066 – 1539 AD)

Ninham was the home grange of Quarr Abbey.1

Pond (1066-1539 AD)

Newnham is the source of the brook that runs northwards through the abbey site and into the Solent. This stream was made to fill a pond for Newnham.3 June 1984. Pond drained for construction of revetment wall on north side of pond – next to the road. A wooden sluice was observed in this north face of the pond with a wooden culvert, which appeared to run under the road. Further west was another culvert of dry stone construction, which still carries water from the pond to the stream on the other side of the road. To the east of the wooden sluice the original eastern edge of the pond was visible in section and immediately to the east a band of chalk rubble hardcore seemed to correspond to a track shown on 1862 map.4

Picture of Newnham Farm pond
Newnham Farm Pond as it is today © Tony Hudson

Barn (1701-1800 AD)

Triangular ventilation slits on North side. 2 cart entrances, the cart entrance on the South side having been blocked in. The entrance also had brick dressings around it as opposed to stone ones. Weatherboard cladding can be seen on the west gable end. On South side are brick rectangular ventilation slits and modern windows.2

Farm Buildings (1701-1800 AD)

Red brick dressings around windows and doors. Stepped brickwork can be seen at South gable end.2

Stable (1701-1800 AD)

No information available

Tithe Apportionment no.17 Binstead Tithe map CRO JER/T/31A/2

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