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George Bull, Lieut 1941

Memorial Service At Newport

The body of Lieut. A.G.H. Bull, of Ashlake House, Fishbourne, an officer in the Wootton Company of the Home Guard, who, with Volunteer B.V. Killeen, lost his life in a road accident during manoeuvres on Sunday week, was cremated at South Stoneham, and a largely attended memorial service was held in Newport Parish Church on Saturday. It was conducted by the Vicar (the Rev W.M.B. Hogg), who afterwards, accompanied by the deceased's sister (Mrs Cassell), scattered the ashes on the sea from the beach at Fishbourne, where Mr Bull was fond of sailing and fishing. The organist (Mr E A English, Mus Bac, FRCO) accompanied the chanting of the 23rd Psalm and Nunc Dimitis and played Chopin's "March Funebre" and Beethoven's Funeral March.

The chief mourners were Mr and Mrs A G Bull (parents), Mrs Cassell (sister), Commander F Young RN (uncle), Mrs Hann (aunt), Mrs F Young (cousin), and Mr Arthur Wood, who, with Mrs Cassell, attended the cremation. A wreath from his Home Guard comrades was the only floral tribute.

The members of the Wootton Company of the Home Guard attended the service, with representatives of all companies of the 20th (East Wight) Battalion. Lieut-Col A.C. Robinson D.S.O. (second in command), represented Col. T.C. Cunningham D.S.O. (group commander) and the other officers present were: East Wight Battalion - Brig. C.F. Aspinall Oglander C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O. (commanding), Lt. Col. F.H. Fernie D.S.O. (commanding Wootton Company), Captains Sir Charles Campbell (adjutant), H.B. Simons and H.C.A. Blishen, Lieuts A.H. Batt and C.G. Brown, and 2nd Lieuts. R Malthus, G.A. Macain, A. Hearn, H.G. Eames, E.A. Gray, and K.M. Whittle; 19th (West Wight Battalion) - Lieut-Col. F. Nevill Jennings, M.C. (commanding), Capt. G. Giddens, M.B.E. (adjutant), Capt. F.H.J. Damp, M.C., Lieut. R.B. Cheverton, and 2nd Lieuts W.C.H. Eyles and S.S. Wadham. Captain Tyron represented the officer commanding troops in the Island. Others present included Mr and Mrs A.H. Dockrill, Messrs W.M. Spanner, C.W. Barnes, C.B. Leal, and A.W. Peck, and Miss J. Wavell (staff of Sir Francis Pittis and Son, Mr Leal also representing the Danish Bacon Co.'s staff), Mr Eric Marvin (manager of Messrs. Pittis and Son's Ventnor branch) and Mrs and Miss Marvin, Mr Edward Way (representing Messrs Henry J. Way and Son and his partner, Mr S.A. Watson, who was away from the Island), Mr G.H. Lambert (representing the staff of Messrs Henry J. Way and Son), Mr K Barber and Miss Blyth (staff of the Newport auctioneers' egg dept.), the Mayoress of Newport (Mrs J.S. Brown), Lieut C.B. Killeen R.A., Colonel de Lande Long, Mrs Cameron, Mrs A Wood, the Misses Wood, Mrs H.T. Read (also representing Mr H.T. Read), Mrs Warsap, Mrs V. Wadham, Mrs E.J. Bartlett, Mr and Mrs J.G.H. Kingswell, Mr G.A. Kingswell, Mrs J.P. Collins, Mrs W. Barton, Mrs Whittington. Mrs A.E. Harvey and Mr H. Harvey (also representing Mr A.E. Harvey J.P.), Ald. Mrs E.R. Chandler J.P. (also representing her husband), Mr C. and Miss Hozier, Mrs Chessell, Mrs Long, Mr and Mrs Cheek, Mrs Jupe, Mr and Mrs D. Biles (also representing Mr Lisle Hawkins of Dorchester), Mr and Mrs G.H. Ablitt, Mr and Mrs Strickland, Captain H.J. Ward J.P. (county director, British Red Cross Society), Captain and Mrs Rowsell, Mrs Kennedy, Miss Kirkup, Mr T.J. Mitham (representing Sir Hanson and Lady Rowbotham), Mr F. Chiverton (deputy mayor of Newport also representing his son Mr H. Chiverton), Mrs A. Peach (representing Mr T.W. Peach of Niton), Mrs R.P. Mew (also representing her husband), Dr Davies Jones, Miss Scadding, Mrs Cowper Blake (Central Hospital Supply Depot), Mr and Mrs C.O. Sprake, Miss Stallarn (representing Mr S. Ford), Mesdames Smith and White (W.V.S), Mrs Westmore, Mrs Jolliffe, and Messrs R. and A.W. Bull, J.H. Knighton, H. Young, R. Urry, J.W. Jackman, R. Scott Blake, H. Cawley-Way, W. Morris (Pan), M. Morris (Bowcombe), H.Biles, R. Russell, A.J. Moore (I.W. Guernsey Cattle Society), W.C. Attrill, L. Jordan J.P., F.J. Wray T.C., G.H.Hibberd, F.H. and G.H. Morgan, J.T.W. Fisk, C.L. Davies (National Provincial Bank), E.L. Stevens (Lloyds Bank), J. Cowper Blake, C. Simmonds (representing Mr J.J. Simmonds T.C.), L.P. Mew jun, W. Batchelor, T.W. Alexander, H.B. Lower, G.E. Tomlinson, L Westmore, E.A. Walmsey (F. Trim and associated companies), R.J. Eldridge, F. Burton, C.B. Yates, G.H. Woodmore, J.H. Black, F. Chiverton, H. Mayes, L. Belben, J. Gibbs, F. Payne, W. Nolan, G. Denham, A.J. Symons, W.H. Margham, A. Wellstead, J. Dove, H. Dennes, G. Smith, L.H.Shutler, C, Chiverton, G.H. Attrill, Uffa Fox, C.F. Bulbeck, G.H. Arthur, A.E.Fry, J. Riggs, G. Yelf, H.W. Lincoln, W. Rodway, and R. Sanders. Mr H. Parnell made the arrangements.

Mr and Mrs A.G. Bull wish to thank their friends for numerous letters, telephone enquiries and for their attendance at the memorial service. They hope to acknowledge all letters in due course.

Source: Isle of Wight County Press, 1st November 1941

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