Doris Georgina Wilson


As part of our aims to preserve old historical books, which are out of print and no longer, available we have been given access to this self produced book entitled "Fernhill". It records interesting details about Fernhill House and the people who lived there.

We believe the book was produced sometime around 1976 as the author speaks of the possible construction of the Wootton by-pass. No details are known of Doris other than she was born in Greenwich, London in 1906 and lived in Fernhill Park in the village, for many years.

Doris was cremated; so let this book be her headstone, so that her work will not be forgotten.

Within the book she speaks of the help that the Brodie sisters gave to her in the 1970s, and it would appear they lived in the Ventnor area; -

  • Aileen Blanche, Died aged 80 years Born 1903-1983
  • Cecile Armstrong Died aged 82 years Born c1902-1985
  • Edith Joan Carden Died aged 90 years Born 1900-1991
  • Irene Antoinette Died aged 93 years Born 1887-1991 {Mrs Dechering}
Picture of the Brodie family at Bridge House

Possibly the Brodie family at Bridge House

Editors note:

A further book written by Hilary Gosden in 2000 as part of the "History of Wootton Bridge series part four" and entitled "Fernhill" gives additional information about the house and it's occupants.

February 2011