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Captain Herbert Guy Sturges Mitchison 1877 - 1946

The death was announced on the 10th October at a Sandown nursing home after an operation of Capt. Mitchison of Wootton Rise, Palmers Road, Wootton at the aged of 73 years. Guy Mitchison was born October 1877, the elder son of H. S. Mitchison of Pullington, Kent and St. John’s Park, Ryde.

He was educated on the island and joined the army, gaining a commission in the 19th Hussars, before going to South Africa towards the end of the Boar War. He resigned his commission just prior to getting married on the 25 April 1905 to Ivy Denison, second daughter of the late Admiral Denison of Woodside.

He settled in Wootton and was a well known sportsman being a prominent member of the Isle of Wight hunt following the foxhounds for many years. In 1910 he won the island lightweight point-to-point race on his horse Hall Weston 11, and repeated the success in 1912 and the following year. He was involved with the Isle of Wight Garrison Sports {Note, Assume this to be Parkhurst Barracks], he was a extremely fond of shooting and was one of the few remaining members of the old island Gun Club.

At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 he joined the local battery of the Royal Artillery [Wessex Brigade} with the rank of captain and served in Belgium, France and Italy. He was involved in the first German gas attack at Ypres in Belgium where he was badly wounded.
Returning to Wootton he took a keen interest in the welfare of ex-service men, becoming one of the oldest members of the association and was also vice president of the island branch of the British Legion. During the Second World War he was a member of the local home guard.

In private life he was of a retiring disposition but friendly and charming to those that knew him. He was actively involved in St Edmunds church as a sidesman and during the absence of Dr. Kennedy who was away on war service acted a vicar’s warden.

His youngest son Sergt. Ralph C. Mitchison was killed in an accident in 1941 whilst carrying his duties as a dispatch rider in Palestine; his eldest son Denison survives him.

The funeral on the 16th October was at St Edmunds the service being conducted by Rev. Genower, there were over 70 people listed as being in attendance. Chief mourners were Hon. Mrs. I. Mitchison [wife], Mr & Mrs D.G. Mitchison [son & daughter-in-law], Capt. N. Mitchison, Rev. S. Mitchison [cousin], Capt. Lord Londesborough [brother-in-law] & Hon. Mrs. Hobson [sister-in-law].

Additional information:
Denison Guy Mitchison [son] born 24/12/1909 died 22/1/1982 buried St Edmunds 29/1/1982
Ralph [son] raced cars at Brooklands and Harold Barton of Palmers Road serviced them for him. He emigrated to Australia, and was killed in action during the Second World War.

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