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Wootton Creek Association

Change Of Status January 1969

A special meeting of the above association was held on Saturday 18th at the Women’s Institute Hall [by the bridge] and was chaired by Lt.-Col D.G.Brodie, there was a total 70 people present, these included club members and the general public. The meeting was called to discuss the need to change the status of the association to that of a Fairways Committee in order to conform to the requirements of the Crown Estate Commissioners. It was explained that the function of the association was to control the allocation of mooring berths and anchorage on the western side of the creek.

The chairman then gave the background behind the need for a special meeting, he explained that under the Dockyard Ports Regulation Act 1865, the Queen’s Harbour Master delegated his powers in relation to Wootton Creek, to the Wootton Creek Association [formed 1937]. The association’s main function was to ensure that the main channel was kept clear of all moored and all anchored craft. In regard to moored craft the association issued licences to applicants for mooring berth as and when they became available, anchoring of visiting yacht was controlled by the berthing master. In May of last year the association received a letter from the Crown Commissioners stating that moorings should operate on a more regular basis in order to establish the right of the association to occupy crown tidal land. Under the current loosely constituted rules of the association it was not possible to enter into a formal agreement with crown commissioners.

A meeting had been held in Wootton on the 21st November last year at which member of the association had met the Queen’s Harbour Master, Portsmouth, his deputy and the Head of Foreshore Department of the Crown Estates Commissioners. The reason behind the meeting was to explore a way to enhancing the authority of the association by giving it the status of a fairway committee. Such a committee was recognised by the Crown Commissioners and received delegated authority to manage the area licensed to them.

The chairman went on to say that if the Wootton Creek Association assumed to status of a fairway committee the constitution would have to change to include representatives of the local authority, yachtsmen, fishermen, sailing clubs, industry and boat builders. If the proposed changes were accepted the Crown Agents would grant a licence to the committee for the granting of all mooring berths on their foreshore for an annual rent of £5.00 approximately. The mooring fees would be collected by the committee, half would go to the commissioners and the other half would be retained by the association for running expenses. The current mooring fees would have to be increased and a figure of £3.00 had been suggested.

After considerable discussion it was finally agreed that the Wootton Creek Association be re-constituted as the Wootton Creek Fairways Committee, this proposal was put to the meeting and passed unanimously.

Source: Isle of Wight County Press, 25th January 1969

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