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De Insula of Wodyton c.1080 – 1837

The first member of the line recorded is Jordan, born about 1080 AD and married Hawise2 died c.1155, with issue, two sons Geoffrey, and Brian, the younger.

Born c.1110 – Geoffrey, gave lands in franc alomoine for the soul of Earl Baldwin of Devonshire. He was one of those who signed the foundation charter of Quarr Abbey, as a young man of 22 years. He also affirmed the gift of Schalderflete (Wooton) Mill, which his mother had made to the Abbey3 He died c.1188, leaving three sons, the heir, Walter, and two younger sons, William and Jordan.

The exact origins of the de Insula’s to the island are somewhat obscure. Baldwin, Count of Devon and Lord of the Wight, founded Quarr Abbey in 11311 but what we do have is that a de Insula was a witness to the signing of the foundation charter for Quarr Abbey, 1132 A.D.

Born 1163 - Walter de Insula was the Lord of Wootton and Bailiff of the Isle of Wight. He married Margaret, and died 1244, leaving a son, Geoffrey (his heir)

Geoffrey, now became Lord of the Manor, married a Hawise and had three sons. Died 1252. William (eldest), Jordan and Walter.

Sir William succeeded his father, died 1277, and on June 7 a royal mandate was issued directing the exchequer to take possession of his estates on the mainland.

Walter married a rich heiress Matilda le Estur, of Gatcombe, c.1244. He was knighted by 1253 and died 1263. He had three sons, William (eldest), succeed him at Gatcombe. Geoffrey and John who became Rector of Shalfleet and co-founder of Barton Oratory.

John de Insula. From July 1277 in the King’s service. He is knight by 1282, summoned to Parliament from December 1299 by writs directed to Johanni de Insula. By this writ he became Lord Lisle. He married before end of 1281 to Nichole, daughter of Michael de Columbers. Died about 1304. He had two sons, John II and Walter.

John II was 23 in 1304 “of age to do homage and inherit”. May 22 1306, the Prince of Wales, later Edward II, was knighted and to celebrate the occasion 267 other gentlemen were made knights, among them, the second John de Lisle, and his younger brother Walter. The official entry reads: Johannes de Insula = John de L’Isle, lord Lisle of the Isle of Wight, K.B. Like his father before him, he was summoned to Parliament as Baron Lisle. As such he was a Baron of the Exchequer and three times High Sheriff. Married Roesia of Thruxton. Died 1331. Son, Bartholomew.

Bartholomew ordered on September 12 to take control of the estate. His wife was Elizabeth de Courtenay, daughter of Hugh de Courtenay, Earl of Devon, and a great grand-daughter of Edward I. Their only daughter Mary married Henry Oglander in 1342. Died 1345 leaving one son, John [III].

John de Insula, born at Mainsbridge, Hants December 13 1335. On his father’s death became a ward to the King. Married Maud of Edynton, died November 1370 at war leaving a four-year-old son, John [IV]. (b.15 August 1366) In 1348 King Edward founded the Order of the Garter and made William Edyndon, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of the New Order. Sir John de Lisle III, 4th Lord, afterwards 1st Lord Lisle of Rougemont was admitted in 1348 and installed in the 9th stall.

In 1378 the church at Wootton wad burnt with fire but not destroyed; the “town” consisted of the Church, the adjoining Manor, and half-a-dozen houses. There was no village.

John [IV] when became of age, did homage to the King for his possessions, and on March 8 1387 was restore to his inheritance. He married Elizabeth when aged 19. He became J.P. for Hampshire May 13, 1396. On March 17, 1400 he became a Knight of the Bath. His name being recorded as John Lisle. 5th Lord. In July 1401, he was summoned to the King’s Council. His son, John [V] born 1388, he died January 31 1407, buried at Thruxton. Hants.4

John [V] of Wodyton & Thruxton 6th Lord, married Margery, daughter of John Bremshote. He died February 17 1428. His issue was John [VI] his heir. Edmund de Lisle. George de Lisle.6

Sir John [VI] 7th Lord, just of age at his father death. In 1440 he was knight and J.P. for Hampshire. Married Anne, daughter and heiress of John Botreaux, esquire of Brixton, Devon, brother of Lord William. Left a son and heir, Nicholas. Died 27 January 1474.

[A]5 Sir Nicholas de Lisle of Wodyton & Thruxton, 8th Lord Lisle. He was J.P. for Hampshire in 1480. Knighted at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, wife of King Henry VII on November 25 1487. Sir Nicholas Lysley, kt., married Cecily. died 20 March 1505, having had a son, John [VII], and a daughter, Eleanor Lisle. see ii below

Sir John [VII] 9th Lord, succeeded his father in 1505. He was knighted on February18 1503, when he became a Knight of the Sword; official entry reads “John Lysle, of Thruxton, in Wiltshire”. His wife named either Joan or Mary was the daughter and heiress of Sir John Courtenay of Exeter. He died childless before April 13, 1524. The elder branch of the Lisle’s became extinct in him.

ii. Eleanor Lisle married John Kingston. Their daughter Mary Kingston, also known as Baroness Lisle received of the estate November 19 1524, married Sir Thomas Lisle of Throkeleston died February 1, 1541, in the parish of St. Gregory by St. Paul, London. [see below **] Mary died childless on March 24 1538. The barony of Lisle fell into abeyance.

The Divided Inheritance

[B] Elizabeth or Anne Lisle married “John Philpot of Compton, Esq.” The direct male descent was Sir John Philpott, Sir Peter, and finally Thomas Philpott, Esq., who received half of the estate.

[C] Margery Lisle married John Rogers of Freefolk, Hampshire and had a daughter. Anne Rogers who married John Brocas of Beaurepaire (Hampshire), Sheriff c.1482. Their issue was:
a. Margery Brocas married? Dennys. Son Thomas Dennys.
b. Joan Brocas married Christopher Morgan, died childless.
c. Elizabeth Brocas married Nicholas Sambourne (d. before 27 June 1506)
The other half of the estate was divided between her nephews. Thomas Dennys, Esq., son of Margery, and John Sambourne, Esq., son of Elizabeth. Their ages being Thomas Philpott 33, Thomas Dennys 22, John Sambourne 40.

(2) His second wife, Isabel, widow of Richard Horne of Kent. Sir John died January 1470. In his will he mentions his daughters Elizabeth Philpott, Margaret Rogers, Anne, a nun at Amesbury, kinsman Lancelot, son Nicholas. Brothers Edmund and George, daughter Joan and son William, by his second wife.

Wootton Manor

6(2) George de Lisle, 3rd son of John de Lisle, Lord of Wodyton & Thruxton who died in 1429. George married Ann Montgomery of Callis and had a son, John who married Christiana de Tisted. His son was John Lisle who married Maria Corker, daughter of John Corker of Dorset and their issue was Maria Lisle, married Sir Edward Rogers of Canyngton. John (died infant); John (dsp); Sir Thomas Lisle {see above] Sir John Lisle VII bequeathed Wootton Manor to his cousin Lancelot, who was married to Anne Wroughton, daughter of Sir Thomas Wroughton. Their son Thomas married Mary Moore, daughter of one Moore of Moore Court, Odiam, Southampton. Their son Anthony married Elizabeth daughter of John Dormer, of Steeple Ashton ‘of Burton’, Oxfordshire. His issue was (A) Sir William Lisle of Wodyton; (B) Thomas Lisle of Palmers, Whippingham; (C) John, Edward (dsp), Anthony. Anthony’s younger brother, named Thomas after his father, went to live at Briddlesford, and built a house there. “Thomas Lisle, brother of Anthony, and uncle of Sir William, married sister of Barneby Colenutt, he had 2 daughters”.

(A) Sir William Lisle of Wodyton (a 1622) married Bridget daughter of Sir John Hungerford of Down Ampney, Gloucester. Was knighted at Whitehall May 20, 1606
His son was Sir William Lisle of Wodyton (d 1665) married Mary Lowe daughter of Sir William Lowe of Crux Easton (d 1716).
Edward Lisle of Wodyton and Crux Easton, who succeeded to Moyes Court on the death of his cousin, Charles Lisle in 1721. He married Mary, daughter of Sir Ambrose Phillips of Garendon Park and Grace Dieu, Leicestershire, who died in 1749. He died in 1729 leaving -
1. Edward Lisle of Wodyton & Moyles Court (dsp 1752) married _ Carter daughter of John Carter of Weston.
2. John Lisle of Wodyton & Moyles Court (d 1755) married Miss Savage. Without issue
3. Charles Lisle of Wodyton & Moyles Court (d 1777), Married Ann Carey daughter of Nicolas Carey of Upcern. Dorsetshire
a. Charles Lisle of Wodyton & Moyles Court (d 1819)
b. Mary Lisle (a 1800) married Christopher Tailer (vicar of Selbourne)
c. Susan Lisle (b c1753, d 1837) married Thomas March, later March-Phillipps [See Wootton-Holford Estate] [Estate/Holford].
Thomas March married his cousin Susan Lisle and assumed the name of Phillips, 1777
Mary March married Rev. J Berkin, who assumed the name Lisle on account of property left to him by his godmother, Sarah Lisle. Died without issue.
d. Elizabeth Lisle (d 1762)
e. Catherine Lisle married 1. John Manley; 2.J Tailor of Reading
4. Elizabeth Lisle (d 1725) married Henry March, without issue
5. Sophia Lisle (d 1780) married Thomas Rawston of Lexden, without issue
6. Jane Lisle (d 1764) married Thomas March (d 1754 in London) leaving a son, Thomas and daughter, Mary
7. Catherine Lisle (d1787) married Thomas Allen, without issue
8. Susan Lisle (d) married John Eaton of Hendon, without issue aged 81
9. other issue (d unm)
John Lisle (b c1608, d 11.08.1664/7, Lord Chief Justice)*
Married (1) Elizabeth Hobert (b 1608, d 1633) daughter of Sir Henry Hobert, Bart. Lord Chief Justice. Son William Lisle (d young).
Married (2) Alice Becansaw (02.09.1685)** daughter of Sir White Becansaw of Moyles Court.
John Lisle of Moyles Court (d 1709) married Jane Crook daughter of J Crook leaving one son.
Charles Lisle of Moyles Court (d 1721) married Lucy Molyneux daughter of Sir Francis Molyneux of Teversal, Nottingham and died without issue in 1721 when this younger branch of the Lisles ended. [See Estates/Holford]
Ann, died young
Tryphena, who attended her aged mother on the scaffold. Wife of Richard Lloyd
Samuel, born 1624
Bridget, in 1632, September 24 ran away with one Mr. Jennings, an ironmonger’s second son

(B) Thomas Lisle of Palmers, Whippingham (b c1594, d c1654, 5th son)
For listing see Visitation (Hampshire & Isle of Wight. 1686, Lisle of Palmers in Whippingham)

Charles Lisle, of Wodyton and Moyes Court, the last male descendent of the ancient family of Lisle’s died in 1819, unmarried.

The properties of Wodyton and Moyes Court were sold by his only remaining sister Susan Lisle who had married Thomas March-Phillips (see above), who eventually assumed the arms of Lisle. She sold Wootton Manor Farm to Robert Holford, of Westonbirt, Gloucestershire. [See Estates/Holford]. Susan Lisle died in 1837 aged 84. Her husband died March 1817.

3. Charter of Quarr Abbey
4. TCP suggests that his wife Elizabeth “was presumably heiress or coheiress of Thruxton” implying that Thruxton came into the family in this generation.
5. Lisle02 families covered: Lisle of Moyles Court, Lisle of Thruxton, Lisle (de Insula or de Lisle) of Wodyton (Wootton)
6.George de Lisle, 3rd son of John de Lisle. (2).
MSS. British Museum
* See article John Lisle 1664
** See article Dame Alice
Further information can be obtained from the History of St Edmunds Church by Rev. Genower.

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