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Wootton Farm 1825

A very valuable and highly improvable Freehold Estate called, Wootton Farm, which is sited near that much-admired seat called Fern Hill. Located between Ryde & Newport in the Isle of Wight.

To be sold at the Auction Mart, London on, Wednesday 22nd June 1825, at one o’clock prompt.

Particulars and Conditions of sale for a freehold estate called Wootton Farm, in the parishes of Wootton, Arreton, and Whippingham.

The sale consist of an ancient stone built farm house and buildings, with seven hundred & thirty-seven acres and upwards of arable, pasture, meadow, and wood and land sloping down to Fishbourne Creek, current tenant is Mr. James List. About 174 acres of coppice wood are in hand together with tenements, orchards & gardens.

The Estate will be sold by Mr Christie.


An ancient stone-built farmhouse and buildings, with seven hundred and thirty-seven acres, two rods, and four poles, the land slopes down to the picturesque and richly wooded Fishbourne Creek and then stretches along the northern shore of the island opposite the mother bank as far as Kings Quay.

Editors note, the land stretched southwards to Bridlesford/Park Road.

The Coppices

with the exception of Lot 49 [farm scrubs, 43 Acres, 2 Rods, 2 Poles] are in hand. The rest of the estate was let to Mr. James List, tenant from year to year, who held the same from year 1817 to 1822 at five hundred and fifty pounds per annum; but from 1822, in consequence of the depression of the times, a deduction of 30% has been made.

N.B. Six Hundred and thirty-two acres of this estate, part of which is in the parish of Wootton, pay only modus of £4 per annum, in lieu of all tythes. The parts, which are in the parishes of Arreton and Whippingham, are tythable.

Farm House

Situated near Wootton Church, is strongly built of stone with a tiled roof, and contains two parlours, a kitchen, pantries and Cellars. Three chambers on the first, three ditto on the second floor and two garrets. It has also a large and excellent garden in the front and on one side of it.


49 Parcels making up a total of:

  • 483 acres 2 rod 23 pole in Wootton
  • 57 acres 3 rod 9 pole in Arreton
  • 21 acres 1 rod 6 pole in Whippingham

Woods in Hand

  • 148 acres 3 rod 38 pole in Wootton
  • 17 acres 1 rod 26 pole in Arreton
  • 8 acres 1 rod 2 pole in Arreton

The Buildings

Detached bake and brew-house of stone; weather-boarded and tiled barn and cow-house; a second barn and stable; and a third barn with oak floor, cart lodges and stable and a brick and tiled granary on stone props and caps.

Tenements at Wootton Bridge

One small-dilapidated tenement held by Mr. List, with Wootton farm, and two orchards. One small timber yard and small garden [no building] adjoining to a tenement of Captain Stiles.

Let on one life
Three tenements under one roof held by Mr. Cooper, during the single life of James Dunning. aged seventy-four, value per annum about £9. One other cottage held by ditto on the same life, value about £2. 10s per annum.

Out goings

Land tax on Wootton Farm, occupied by Mr List, about £28. 0. 0
Ditto on the woods in hand - £5. 14. 0
Land tax, for land in Arreton and Whippingham - £5. 5. 0
Modus in lieu of tythes - £4. 0. 0

The tenant is entitled under his agreement, to twelve months notice to quit, which notice must expire on the 29th September. The purchaser may therefore, if he pleases, have possession at Michaelmas 1826. N.B. The purchaser is to take the timber and timber-like trees and tellers down to one shilling per stick inclusive, and pollards at a fair valuation.

Conditions of Sale.

1. The highest bidder shall be the buyer; and if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the estate shall immediately put up again.
2. No person to advance less that £10 at each bidding.
3. The purchaser shall pay down immediately a deposit of 10%, in part of the purchase money, and sign an agreement for the payment of the remainder, on having the estate conveyed to him with a good title, on or before Michaelmas Day next.
4. The vender will furnish abstracts of the title at their own expense, and upon payment of the remainder of the purchase money as above, will convey the estate at the expense of the purchaser.
5. The auction duty is to be borne in equal moieties by the seller and the purchaser.
6. Should the purchaser fail to comply with these conditions, his deposit money shall be forfeited and the estate purchased by him shall be resold; and in the case there shall be any deficiency arising from the resale, such purchaser at this sale shall make good the same, together with all expenses that may be incurred in consequence thereof.
7. If through mistake the estate shall appear to have been incorrectly described, or any mis-statement shall have been inserted in this particular, the same shall not vitiate the sale, the seller or purchaser as the case may happen shall allow a proportionate value, according to the average of the whole purchase money either way, to be determined by reference to two arbitrators, or their umpire, which umpire the said arbitrators shall be bound to appoint previously to their entering upon the reference.
Lastly- Such of the title deeds as relate exclusively to this farm, will be delivered to the purchaser, but where the same relate to any other estate of the vendors, such title deeds will be retained by the vender; and deeds of covenant for production will be entered into by them to the purchaser. The expense of such deed of covenant and all attested copies that may be required, are to be made at the expense of the purchaser.

Editors note - Written on the these documents is the following note
The estate was sold to Mr. R.S. Holford, Westonbirt, Gloucestershire on the death of the last Mr. de-Lisle by Mrs March Phillips sister of Mr. de-Lisle.

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Pictures of Wootton Farm Circa 1920

Picture of Haymaking at Wootton Farm circa 1920 ( Hand coloured image )
Haymaking at Wootton Farm circa 1920 ( Hand coloured image )
Picture of Haymaking at Wootton Farm circa 1920
Haymaking at Wootton Farm circa 1920 ( Hand coloured image )
Picture of Haymaking at Wootton Farm circa 1920
Haymaking at Wootton Farm circa 1920

Source: Isle of Wight County Records Office, Newport

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