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The Glebe May 1945

The following information has been extracted from the ‘Bridge’ magazine of the above date and refers to the sale of land in the village.

Twenty years ago the Ecclesiastical Commissioners made inquires of their land agents as to the viability of selling ‘Glebe’ land. They were advised that the land was classified as agricultural, and a better return would be obtained by waiting until development took place in the High Street. This would allow the area to be reclassified as potential building land and therefore realising a higher price.

This advice was accepted and the land leased for agricultural use. The Commissioners have now been advised that the current user does not wish to renew the lease, therefore a decision has been taken to sell the land. This action would have been taken several years ago except for the war.

The fields adjoining the Rectory will not be included in the sale but re-let to a suitable tenant. The land to be sold will be divided into sixteen lots with reserve prices and sold at auction on the 25th May at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Newport starting at 6.0pm.

The land for sale has been is sub divided as follows:

A plot of land with a frontage of 120ft to Church Road and a depth of 420ft, in all about one acre, Note: The plot is next to the Rectory garden and it is intended to include the orchard within the lot. [At that time the rectory garden was three-and-a-half acres and too large for the Rector to manage]. Services available: electric light, gas & mains water.

Lots. 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Plots of land [known as Gratton Field] with a frontage of 95ft each to Church Road, with an average depth of about 190ft. Services available: electric light, gas & mains water.

Lots. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
Plots of land each having a frontage of 50ft to the High Street with and an average depth of 175ft Services available: electric light, gas, mains water & mains drainage.

Freehold enclosures of arable and pasture land at Packsfield, Wootton extending to about 14 acres. Vacant possession on all plots 11th October 1945.

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The Bridge 1945
Mrs.B. Bailey

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