Vectis Steam Wheel & Wagon Works, Newport.

Offices:- 162 Lower High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight
Proprietor: Mr James Guy, Senr.
These notable works were started as far back as the year 1850 by their present respected proprietor, Mr James Guy, senr., whose name has thus far, for over forty years been associated withthe wheel and waggon trade of Newport. The works are situated close to the railway viaduct, taking in several of the arches of that structure, and having offices which front upon High Street. They cover a considerable area of ground, and are admirably appointed for the purpose of the trade carried on, the smithy, machine shop, waggon-building shop, and other departments being equipped with every appliance to facilitate the progress of the industry. In the machine shop we were particularly struct with an invention of Mr Guy’s for cutting the tongues of spokes. By this cleaver apparatus the spokes of an entirewheel can be cut in the very short space of three minutes, and with a great saving of labour. Another of his inventions is also in use here, viz., a contrivance for wheel binding, by which the neccessity of hammering the tyre on to the wheel is quite obviated, and better results are obtained. These appliances indicate that thought and study Mr. Guy has brought to bear upon his industry, every deepartment of which is conducted in a manner tendingtowards continuous progress and improvement. We believe that Mr. Guy was the first builder to turn out spring vans and light spring trolleys, and these have always been noted speciality of his works, as also are
all kinds of waggons and trademen’s carts, in which he combines the merits of strenght, lightness and neat appearance in a marked degree, and are made from throughly dry-seasoned timber. All Mr. Guy’s work is favourably known for superior finish, as well as for solidity, and he maintains his reputation in these respects by careful personal supervision. Repairs of every description are carefully carried out, and having an efficient staff of skilled workmen in his employ, Mr. Guy is in a position to execute all orders entrusted to him with promptitude and satisfaction to his customers.His work can always be relied upon and his prices are the lowest, consistant with good quality-two circumstances that have won for him the support and confidence of a large and valuable connection.
Source: victorian directory