Recipes contributed by R. Richardson

The following reciepes have been contributed by Mr Richardson

International Recipes.


Chile Bisque. Take eight large sweet chili pepers, remove he seeds and viens, boil and pulp, add a cup full of boiled rice and mix the ingredients into a smooth paste. Well season with Tabasc0 and salt. Beat in a half a cupful of cream and add a quart of hot milk. Place the bisque into the mixture and bring to the boil, serve immediately, by pouring over toasted squares of bread.

Cordero. Cut a pound of young lamb into small chunks and fry with a sliced oion in hot lard. When nicelybrowned, add three peeled and sliced tomatoes together and three green peppers which have ben chopped up finely. Cover with two quarts of water and simmer slowly, then add a cupful of green peas, one of green corn cut from the cob, a half-cupful of rice, season with salt and chili pepper to taste. Work into a raw egg a teaspoonful of oil and a half teaspoonful of vinigar, place this into the bottom of a soup-tureen and pour the soup over it.

Mexican Noodles. Use two quarts of any clear stock. For the paste, take a small cupful of grated Parmesan cheese and one of flour, and a little salt and cayenne. Beat four eggs and slowly add, also a half-cupful of cream to make a rather thon batter. Bring the stock to the boil and and slowly add the batter through a small but course sieve. it will make long strings which yhen must be boiled for ten minutes.

Rancheros. Fry a large cupful of minced vegetables  [mostly onions] in a small amount of butter. When light brown, mix in a small cupful of flour and place the pan in the oven to allow the mixture to brown without buring. Empty the mixture into three quarts of stock soup and add two cupfols of dried stewed tomatoes, eight cloves, half a bay leaf and a teaspoonful of chopped chili pepper. Cook for one hour, skimming the top occasionally, season with salt to taste.

Chili Con Carne. cut a pound of fresh pork into inch chunks and part boil. Soak five chiles in hot water, take out the seeds and viens , wash well and place on a mortar board and pound to a pulp. Add a little garlic, black pepper, two cloves and cooked tomatoes. Fry in hot lard, then add the meat with some of the liquid in which the pork was boiled and add a little salt. cover and let cook down until the mixture thickens.

Editors note, I have not personally tried the recipes.