Rebuilt bridge parapit walls over Wootton Creek.

The rework of the bridge parapit walls over the creek at Wootton Bridge has been completed, the original walls were considered no longer strong enough for modern traffic and the 1866 castellated design [though attractive] did not give structural strengh in case of vehicle impact.

Island Road have rebuilt the walls using a slighly different coloured bricks and replaced the caping stones. The approach to the bridge has now been fitted with impact barriers and these have been enhanced with “log” facing to give a more rural effect to the barriers.

Bridge approach from Wootton  Approach to the bridge from the Sloop car park.

Bridge approach  Approach from Fishbourne showing the new barriers.

Seaward view of the new design brickwork  A view of new brickwork of the bridge and the two outlets from the millpond which have had strengthening work done.