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My full a full life

Press Release 

February 3 2016

My Life A Full Life message brought to thousands of Islanders

A distinctive building on Coppins Bridge is being used to help raise awareness of My Life, a Full Life – the Island’s integrated health and care programme which aims to support Islanders to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The Agency building on Coppins Bridge at Newport has been painted with a giant mural urging residents to Choose Life, Choose Health, Choose Change.

The building is well known for featuring innovative and entertaining artwork associated with local events and causes.  It is hoped that this mural will make Islanders more aware of the My Life a Full Life programme and the need to prevent health problems arising, or worsening, by encouraging and helping them to lead more healthy lifestyles.

The colourful Coppins Bridge graphic highlights the importance of simple lifestyle choices such as exercising more and eating healthily. My Life A Full Life has worked with the Agency to create artwork inspired by the national Change 4 Life campaign, the latest element of which highlights the dangers of sugar that is hidden in many foods.

The mural invites those who view it to visit the My Life a Full Life website where they can learn more about the initiative and also what they can do to lead the lifestyles that will help them live healthily and independently for as long as possible.  The website includes information on getting involved with healthy activities, links to the NHS Choices website – which has over 100 healthy living topics as well as access to information and support relating to a range of physical and mental health conditions – and more information on the national NHS’s current Sugar Smart campaign.

Loretta Outhwaite, Interim Programme Director for the My Life a Full Life Programme said: “With so many people sat in their cars in slow moving or stationary traffic we felt that Coppins Bridge was an ideal location in which to publicise the My Life a Full Life initiative and also to promote healthy living.

“Not only is the junction extremely busy, the great majority of people using it do so in cars and one of the key things people can do to adopt a more healthy lifestyle is to drive less and walk more.

“The mural is meant to get people thinking about their lifestyles and about My Life a Full Life. They can then find out much more about both by visiting the website”