Jottings From The Past

Proposed developments in Wootton Bridge as part of the village regeneration plans -December 2002

  As part of the overall island road network improvements, members of both the County Council and Highways department gave a presentation to Wootton Parish Council on the proposed plans for the widening and upgrading of Park Road. The upgrade was intended to be part 1 of the east/west road which would allow the traffic from East Cowes ferries heading towards Sandown and Shanklin to by-pass Lushington Hill and the village: this upgrade was included in the proposed Island Plan.

It was also announce that part 1 of the improvements would see the bridge at the bottom of Park Road raised and strengthen at a cost in the region of £750,000, it was said by the officials that there was a government grant available if the scheme received a quick approval.

Phase 2 would see improvements to the highway and provision of pedestrian footpath up towards the crossroads, and it was hoped to eliminate the bad corner near Park Farm.

Phase 3 would see improvements at the crossroad with the development of a large traffic island [editor: – 32 foot diameter]. As part of the overall highways improvement, work would be required to at a later stage widen Briddlesford Road to meet highway standards.

In principal the parish council welcomed the plans to reduce the amount of traffic passing through the village, but concerns were raised some, residences of the road.

 Editor’s note: – The scheme received a hostile reception from a number of residences of Park Road and there was a long running battle with the County Council, the government grant was lost, and eventually the scheme was abandoned with the cost of the road upgrade approaching £2,500,000. I believe the money was then spent on the road improvement at the Undercliff in Ventnor.

At the same meeting a plan produced by the village partnership for future development in the village by 2007 was presented:-

Top of the list of priorities was a new doctor’s surgery in the village, this stems from the fact the current surgery is in rented property for a finite time. The Parish Council agreed to support the proposals and press the County Council to earmark the land in Brannon Way adjacent the Community Centre County for this purpose.

Editor’s note: – After many years of hold-up and delays the new surgery final opened on the 17th November 2014.

Two further proposal were submitted to the Parish Council for consideration

  1. To apply to the Countryside Agency for money to upgrade and landscape Wootton recreation ground. This was subsequently achieved and the scheme was called the “Doorstep Green”.
  2. To work towards encouraging start-up businesses to halt the decline within the village. To this end a business association was formed.

Source. County Press: – December 2002.

 Editor’s Note: – Odd Jottings that have occurred within the village have been added here as an addendum in order to preserve the ..

  1. July 2006.

The Sloop Inn, Wootton and The Lifeboat at East Cowes have been sold by Brewers Fayre chain to Mitchells and Butler organisation which already has around 2000 public houses and restaurant’s in the United Kingdom. The sale by Brewers Fayre was part of the disposal by the company of 339 businesses not linked to their core business of Premier Inns and Travel Lodge. Note Medina Quay facility at Seaclose will remain Brewer Fayre organisation.

2. May 2007.

The holiday camp know in the village as “Little Canada” but run by the adventure company ‘. PLG, has been bought by ‘Holidaybreak’ for £100 million pounds and the new owners will concentrate on educational holidays.