View of culvets under the bridge at Wootton

Displayed below are 4 pictures [permission given by Island Roads who own the copyright] of the underside of the culverts which allow water to leave the Millpond under the road at Wootton Bridge into the creek. Island Roads have recently carried out work to strenghen both the parapits and the culverts to carry modern day heavy traffic. In addition to the newly built parapits, a local firm, carried out specialized work [in difficut conditions] underneath the arches, this includrd drilling and fitted a series of 2? meter long re-enforcing rods [as specified by Island Roads] into the surounding ground to stabilize and stop movement of the structure. When considering these arches were originally built in 1866 they look in remarkable condition. Island Roads have given the web site permission to display these pictures as a once in a lifetime opportunity and as a historical record, people drive over daily but never think what is below.

Pictue 1 & 2 shows the Eastern Archway

Picture 3 & 4 shows the Western Archway.

Eastern Arch (Pre Works),

Eastern Arch (Post-Works)

Western Arch (Post-Works)

Western Arch (Pre Works)

Rebuilt bridge parapit walls over Wootton Creek.

The rework of the bridge parapit walls over the creek at Wootton Bridge has been completed, the original walls were considered no longer strong enough for modern traffic and the 1866 castellated design [though attractive] did not give structural strengh in case of vehicle impact.

Island Road have rebuilt the walls using a slighly different coloured bricks and replaced the caping stones. The approach to the bridge has now been fitted with impact barriers and these have been enhanced with “log” facing to give a more rural effect to the barriers.

Bridge approach from Wootton  Approach to the bridge from the Sloop car park.

Bridge approach  Approach from Fishbourne showing the new barriers.

Seaward view of the new design brickwork  A view of new brickwork of the bridge and the two outlets from the millpond which have had strengthening work done.

Wootton Bridge village sign

Village sign was located on the bridge                                           Close up of the village sign

Found these pictures in the achieves, how many people remember this wooden post with the village logo mounted on top when driving across the bridge  into the village. Unfortunately the ravages of time and rain split the post and sign and it had to be taken down, the last time I saw it, which was several years ago the logo was in the parish office store looking very tired. This attractive sign has been replaced by the village boundary signs, shown below, the stork is the village emblem [storks can sometimes be seen in the millpond].

Wootton village sign

Dr. Frank Kennedy, of Wootton

How many people remember the two village doctors Kennedy [1906 -88] & Proteus who had their surgery at Wootton Lodge which was on the corner of Church Road and the High Street [The house itself going under the name of Gilwill this has long gone [1993] but the entrance to the surgery can still be seen  opposite the Spar shop at the top of Wootton High Street. Dr. Kennedy was not an early riser and those visiting morning surgery could expect to wait awhile, he would appear in his dressing gown and say next please!!!

Note:- There is a more detail information about the house on the main web site under Wootton then properties.

We have come across some old pictures of Dr. Kennedy.

Frank Kennedy at St Barts Hospital 1923-1 Qualifying at Barts Hospital, London in 1923


Portrat of Frank Kennedy  Picture of the newly qualified doctor.


17. Dr Kennedy at Little Canada Holiday Camp c 1950s 1950 He was the camp doctor at Little Canada Holiday Camp for many years.



5th IOW rovers at camp October 1951  5th Rovers at Corfe Camp 1951 [front row seated in scout uniform] He was involved with the scout movement all his life.


circ 1960 Dr Kennedy as Commissioner of scout for Isle of Wight c 1960

Work on the new bridge retaining wall at Wootton

With reference to the posting of the 10th December these are the latest pictures of the work on bridge strengthening work at Wootton Bridge.

Work is due to restart on the 4th January so one must assume that a traffic lights will be in operation.

The picture below records the old design of stonework which is not longer acceptable due to its structural strength, I note that the old Newport-Ryde boundary marker has been removed from the center of the bridge [seaward side], so one must assume that it will be incorporated into the new bridge design.                                                                            .

Seaward facing bridge wall showing old design








new beidge wall  This shows the new bridge retaining wall on the millpond side of the bridge.



Wootton Holiday Camp

Wootton Holiday Camp Church Road

We have come across this rare picture showing the chalet at the Wootton Holiday camp on Church Road [location would have been opposite the now County Primary School. In the village the camp was known as “Rafters” it  opened in 1937  and closed in 1973. During World War Two it was used by various units of the British army including the Jersey Regiment and the Americans prior to “D” day and their equipment was parked on what is now Wootton recreation ground. It is now a housing estate.

Bridge repairs at Wootton Bridge

Work is proceeding to strengthen the road bridge over the water that flows from the Mill Pond into Wootton Creek. The current bridge has been in existence since 1866, and time and wear have caught up with the structure, especially with 40 ton road vehicles using it daily to Fishbourne ferry.

In additional to the work that one can visually see ie. a new wall being built on the Mill Pond side, work is being carried under the arches and piers by specialists to drill and insert tie rods into the structure thereby strengthening and extending the life of the bridge. It is hoped to have phase one completed before Christmas to allow two way traffic to flow again, but the bridge will again need to become one way in 2016 to allow the seaward wall to be rebuilt. I believe comments have  been made about the lost of the old bridge design stonework, unfortunately the wide gaps in brickwork are now longer accepted as good structural design for that application.

P1020704 In this picture the flotation bags used at low tide by the drilling contractors can be seen.

current state of the roadworks on the bridge at Wootton This view shows the one way system and the new wall being built.

50 years of motor car tax dics

We have been given permission by Mr & Mrs Woodberry to reproduce this unique piece of motoring history, it features 50 years of motor car tax disc dating back to 1969, it is interesting to note that the format in all those years never changed. As everyone will be aware these are no longer issued by the  vehicle licensing authority and we have recorded this piece of history for those who will never see one.

50 years of motor car tax disc

Tree planting at Wootton Surgery

To celebrate 100 years  existence of the W.I [Women Institute] the ladies branch of the village institute planted a commemorative tree on Saturday 21st November, in what will be made into a the garden behind the surgery in Brannon Way, Wootton Bridge.

Dr Kaizer and Dr Davidison were present representing the surgery, refreshments were provided by the practice afterwards.

Planting begins The planting by the W.I.



.Dr Kaizer assisting                                                                                                                                             Dr Kaizer assisting with the planting.


Tree planting -1                                                                                                                                                  Some of the member present