Free Health and Wellbeing event in Ryde

Press Release

January 11, 2015

Free health and wellbeing roadshow comes to Ryde

Ryde will be the latest area to host a free drop-in session offering residents the chance to find out more about the health and wellbeing support available in their community.

The event at the Aspire centre, Trinity Buildings in Dover Street on January 28 between 10am and 5pm is being organised by Community Action IW under the Islands My Life a Full Life programme.

It is the latest in a series of events giving residents the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea as they meet some of the local groups, organisations and individuals in their area who can help them lead full, healthy and independent lives.

Among those present will be those behind the My Life a Full Life programme, the police neighbourhood team, Carers IW, The IW Fire and Rescue Service, mobile information service MobIsle, Optio car service, Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Wessex Cancer Trust, Falls Awareness, Healthwatch IW, IW Scouts, the IW Councils sports unit, Action on Hearing Loss, the National Trust, Parkinsons UK, Barnados, Alzheimers Café, and the Older Drivers Forum.

There will be the opportunity to engage in Chair Pilates and Rhythm and Moves designed to improve balance, co-ordination and muscle use while also available will be advice on massage and the natural cosmetics and medicines available through the international company Weleda.

The event will also give residents the chance to meet their Local Area Co-ordinator and Care and Community Navigators all of who work to ensure residents are able to access the appropriate care, support or services to help them lead full and healthy lives.

Event organiser Paul Savill from Community Action IW said: “One of the main aims of the My Life a Full Life programme is to help people to take more control of their own health and care needs, with the right support, so that they can concentrate on living their lives to the full.

“This is another event that brings together some of the many local community groups and organisations whose support, information and advice helps people do just that. We have has a series of these events around the Island and they are proving increasingly popular.”

Paul urged anyone who would like a future event held in their area to contact him on 01983 539381 or e-mail

Death of respected headmaster

Mr Archer

An article in this week’s County Press [11th Sept] contained a report that the first headmaster of the then newly built Medina High School in 1976 has passed away.

Mr J. Archer was a well respected headmaster of the school and many of his pupil are spread across the world.

It is for them that I have included this article on the web site.

A few useful tips.

1. To keep bread fresher longer, place the bread in a plastics bag with a stick of celery overnight, this will allow the bread to absorb some of the moisture from the celery and refresh the loaf.

2. Rescuing the rice if you have the misfortune to burn it, remove the pan/container from the heat and cover the container with  a piece of white bread and leave for around for 10 minutes.

The moist bread will absorb the burnt flavour and the rice will be edible, take care not to include any of the brunt rice when to empty the container.

3. To remove onion smell from your hands, rub your hands with a stainless spoon or utensil, the sulpher from the onions is attracted to the metal, wash the spoon afterwards.

4. To keep carrots fresh longer, place paper [an old newspaper is fine] in the container and cover the carrots with paper, the paper absorbs the moisture.

5. To clean a kettle which has a build up of calcium, use a mixture of white vinegar and water [50%] and boil, pore residue away.

6. To brighten, freshen and remove stains from aluminum, place apple peel in the pan and boil for 30 minutes.