Aerial views of Yarmouth

Aerial vierw of yarmouth

Aerial view of yarmouth

Two different aerial views of Yarmouth are presented here, the source of the photograph is unknown likewise the date. They have been included on the site for record purposes only to allow viewers to spot any changes within the tow3n.

Island Roads as part of the road network improvement have replace the borough boundary marker on the bridge over Wootton Creek, however location has been changed and the marker has been repositioned on the landward side of the new construction facing the millpond, some local landscaping has yet to be done

.New boundary sign -- Wootton Bridge

A photograph of the old boundary marker which was sited in the middle of the bridge on the seaward side with old bridge stonework in the background is shown below

Boundary marker-Newport-Ryde-on-the-bridge

Cowes week 1912

Illuminated yatchs at Cowes week 1912 postedc

This is a unique picture dated 1912 of times gone by. It show the Royal Yacht and all the other visiting vessels, illuminated for Cowes Week, I can remember Cowes roads in the late 1950s and it was completely different to what you see today.

Two interesting views of the floating bridge

Busy day on the East-West Cowes floating bridge c 1900

This is the first time that I have seen a picture of people from East Cowes walking onto the Floating bridge and is dated around 1900

East-West Cowes floating bridge c 1900

This shows the floating bridge at the West Cowes side of the river, a the horse drawn coach ready to dis-embark again the date is 1900.

Two views of Blackgang Chine.

Old post card of Blackgang

This is a very good picture of Blackgang Chine looking up from the beach and showing the footpath that once ran from Blackgang down to the beach, when I first came to Isle of Wight in 1958 the remains of the path could still be seen, but no longer in a usable condition. Looking at the condition of the walkway one has to date the picture around 1900.

View of the cliffs at Blackgang c1920

View of the upper reaches of Blackgang and shows some of the cliff movement, the card is dated  1910


Two old pictures of St James Square, Newport.

market place newport c1910

This shows the square being used as a bus station and the date must be  around 1920.

Note;- For those of you who do no live on the island you will find the bus station in South Street and the operators are Go Ahead under the banner of Southern Vectis.

Newport market

Same location but I believe some 10 years earlier and the square was being used as the island cattle market.

Note;- The market later moved to where the Morrison supermarket now stands in South Street.

Odean Cinama, Pyle Street-Town Lane Newport

Savoy cinema, Town Lane Newport Copyright Cinema Treasures. odean-1 Maltby Interior of Odean Cinema 1936 __Maltby

I have come across these old pictures of the Odean/Savoy cinema that stood for almost 50 years on the corner of Pyle Street and Town Lane, Newport, one tends to forget its existence.

It was originally opened by the Rank Organisation in October 1936 and had over 1200 seats and remained part of their group until being taken over by Isle of Wight Theaters in January 1961 and

renamed the Savoy.

It again changed hands again in 1969 when ownership passed to the Star Group [Associated Holdings of Leeds] and remained part of the group until finally closing in 1982.

The cinema was demolished in 1984. The next information I have is of he site being developed around 2000 with a large retail shop at the ground floor and flats above [Savoy Court].

Dabells who previously had a shop in the High Street where the British Home Stores currently trades. They moved into the Pyle Street premises and open a store selling carpets and furniture etc.,

with the retirement of the owner Mr Edwards the shop closed in 2012.

Note-; Dabells purchased Fowler at the top of Ryde High Street selling cloth and dresses, the building was later sold to the Wetherspoon group  who are the current tenants

The Pyle Street store reopened in 2015  trading as Solent Beds,  again selling the same type of products as Dabells.

Boundary marker for Newport-Ryde on Wootton Bridge.

I don’t know how many of your read the comments in the Isle of Wight County Press recently about the boundary marker stone that was located in the middle of the bridge prior to the bridge strengthening work that has/is being carried out by Island Roads. I read it had been lost/broken and a new stone was being made, below is a picture of the original marker so you can compare when the new one is made.


43 Borough boundary between Newport & Ryde on the bridge