Bridge repairs at Wootton Bridge

Work is proceeding to strengthen the road bridge over the water that flows from the Mill Pond into Wootton Creek. The current bridge has been in existence since 1866, and time and wear have caught up with the structure, especially with 40 ton road vehicles using it daily to Fishbourne ferry.

In additional to the work that one can visually see ie. a new wall being built on the Mill Pond side, work is being carried under the arches and piers by specialists to drill and insert tie rods into the structure thereby strengthening and extending the life of the bridge. It is hoped to have phase one completed before Christmas to allow two way traffic to flow again, but the bridge will again need to become one way in 2016 to allow the seaward wall to be rebuilt. I believe comments have  been made about the lost of the old bridge design stonework, unfortunately the wide gaps in brickwork are now longer accepted as good structural design for that application.

P1020704 In this picture the flotation bags used at low tide by the drilling contractors can be seen.

current state of the roadworks on the bridge at Wootton This view shows the one way system and the new wall being built.