Braunstone House School

Braunstone House School. Lugley Street, Newport. Isle of Wight.

Boarding and Day School for girls and little boys.
Principles: Miss Parker A.C.P. And Miss G Parker A.T.C.L., A.R.C.M. Registered Teacher
Assisted by experienced certified Resident and Visiting Mistresses.

Braunstone House SchoolThis is essentialy a Home School, and only a limited number of resident pupils are taken. The school buildings are lofty, well ventilated and thoroughly up-to-date.
The curriculam includes the usual course of study, pupils have very careful tuition in the Curwen and Matthay methods in music, and are taught Musical Appreciation in small classes, special attention is given to Drawing and many sucesses in the R.D.S. Examinations have been obtained. Pupils are prepared for the London Metric; Cambridge Local; College of Preceptors (Prelim). And Associated Board of Music.
A seperate Kindergarten for small children is in the charge of a fully qualified Froebel* Mistress.
Every encouragement is given to out of doors excercises and games. Tennis and cricket are played in the summer, hockey and basket-ball in the winter.
Fees: 25 guineas per term.
Entire charge taken of children whose parents reside abroad. Anglo-Indian, Colonial and Foreign.

Source: Paton’s List of Schools.

Notes: Guinea = £1-1s.0d. (1971 = £1 5p)

It is believed that the school closed in the early 1950s.

*Froebel – a German pedugogue student of Pestalozzi who laid the foundation of modern education based on the recocognition that children have unique needs and capabilities.