Bouquet for Island Roads

Having dropped my wife off at Ryde Pier head for the Portsmouth ferry, I assume my journey home would be straight forward.

However, seeing that it was raining, Island Roads decided it would be a good time to close a number of road in Ryde, Why I do not know, or care.

The following roads were closed George Street, Dover Street Union Street Church Lane and access to the High Street was blocked, it would also appear that Melville Street was also closed, there may have been others.

I  wanted to get to Binstead Road to make my way home and spent 45 minutes going round Ryde trying to find a way out of the labyrinth of closed road and so did a lot of other motorist.

The was not a single member of the above organisation helping sort out the shambles– congratulations Island Roads can I bill you for the petrol wasted.