Announcement from St Mary’s hospital

Press Release

15th December 2015

Surgery continues over Christmas and New Year

When many other services are thinking about slowing down over Christmas and New Year surgeons at St. Mary’s Hospital are keeping the momentum up to ensure that patients get their treatment as quickly as possible.   With the exception of the bank holidays, planned day surgery and in-patient surgery continues throughout the festive period. 

The Trust recognises that some patients will have reservations about surgery during the festive season but it is important that the Trust maintains the flow of patients through St. Mary’s Hospital over the festive period.  If we cannot operate on patients during this period we will not be able to catch up in January.   We are actively encouraging patients awaiting surgery to book in for operations during the festive period to take advantage of availability as there is capacity.

The Trust also recognises the important role that family, friends and neighbours play in helping those who have had surgery to make a full recovery.   The festive season is an opportunity for families and friends to come together to support each other. Whilst some surgery takes longer than others to recover from, many procedures these days are carried out as day surgery and recovery is faster and better than it used to be.   We are grateful to family, friends and neighbours who support those undergoing surgery to make a full recovery.

“I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to restart surgery at St. Mary’s” says Shaun Stacey, Chief Operating Officer at Isle of Wight NHS Trust.   Shaun continues: “With beds reopened at St. Mary’s and the 30 bed step down facility at Solent Grange open we’re now catching up with surgery which had to be postponed.    The Trust has made a commitment to meet the NHS Constitution target of every patient receiving their surgery within 18 weeks of referral, so it’s important that we maintain the flow of patients coming into hospital.  We’re grateful to every patient who agrees to have their operation over the Christmas and New Year period.”

Consultant surgeon and Clinical Director for Surgery, Women’s and Children’s Health at Isle of Wight NHS Trust Mr Steve Parker, says: “Following the difficulties we experienced over the summer it’s good that we’re reducing the waiting list for surgery.  Patients should not have to wait any longer than necessary for their treatment.  We’re continuing to operate over the festive period and we need patients to operate on!”

Patients who have been pre-assessed as suitable and fit for their operation, and who would like to have their operation in the next three weeks, are invited to call the Trust’s Pre Admission Assessment Unit (PAAU) on 01983-552152.

The majority of services provided by Isle of Wight NHS Trust are commissioned and funded by Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS England and Isle of Wight Council.