A few useful tips.

1. To keep bread fresher longer, place the bread in a plastics bag with a stick of celery overnight, this will allow the bread to absorb some of the moisture from the celery and refresh the loaf.

2. Rescuing the rice if you have the misfortune to burn it, remove the pan/container from the heat and cover the container with  a piece of white bread and leave for around for 10 minutes.

The moist bread will absorb the burnt flavour and the rice will be edible, take care not to include any of the brunt rice when to empty the container.

3. To remove onion smell from your hands, rub your hands with a stainless spoon or utensil, the sulpher from the onions is attracted to the metal, wash the spoon afterwards.

4. To keep carrots fresh longer, place paper [an old newspaper is fine] in the container and cover the carrots with paper, the paper absorbs the moisture.

5. To clean a kettle which has a build up of calcium, use a mixture of white vinegar and water [50%] and boil, pore residue away.

6. To brighten, freshen and remove stains from aluminum, place apple peel in the pan and boil for 30 minutes.