Notice re. the Beacon Centre at St Mary’s over the Bank holidays.

Press Release


26th May 2016


Call 111 before attending the Beacon Centre


All GP Practices will be closed on Monday 30th May. If it’s non urgent health advice you need this Bank Holiday then a visit to a community pharmacy or a call to 111 is the appropriate service for you.

Direct attendance at the Beacon Centre without calling 111 first should be the last resort says Dr Amy Poyner, Medical Director at The Beacon Centre: “Anyone attending the Beacon this weekend for something which is not considered urgent should expect a long wait. We are still seeing a large number of patients at weekends and during Bank Holidays who really do not need to be seen urgently. These patients could have considered self care, spoken to a Pharmacist or telephoned 111 and got the help they needed without coming to the hospital and having a 4 hour wait to be seen.”

The Beacon Centre is for individuals with urgent healthcare problems and should not be used for repeat prescription requests, a community pharmacy may be able to help. For ongoing health complaints, GP practices re-open on Tuesday.

The following community pharmacies will be open over the Bank Holiday weekend

Dr Amy Poyner, continued: “If you have an emergency this weekend then we need to see you, if you feel you need to see a doctor urgently then we would ask you to call 111 first, they will very quickly be able to advise on whether you need to come to the hospital.”

The Island based NHS 111 service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Advice is also available online at . Information about local health services is available at

The Emergency Department at St. Mary’s Hospital and 999 are for life-threatening emergencies, such as:

  • loss of consciousness
  • acute confused state and fits that are not stopping
  • persistent, severe chest pain
  • breathing difficulties
  • severe bleeding that cannot be stopped
  • If you have been referred by your GP for urgent assessment

View of culvets under the bridge at Wootton

Displayed below are 4 pictures [permission given by Island Roads who own the copyright] of the underside of the culverts which allow water to leave the Millpond under the road at Wootton Bridge into the creek. Island Roads have recently carried out work to strenghen both the parapits and the culverts to carry modern day heavy traffic. In addition to the newly built parapits, a local firm, carried out specialized work [in difficut conditions] underneath the arches, this includrd drilling and fitted a series of 2? meter long re-enforcing rods [as specified by Island Roads] into the surounding ground to stabilize and stop movement of the structure. When considering these arches were originally built in 1866 they look in remarkable condition. Island Roads have given the web site permission to display these pictures as a once in a lifetime opportunity and as a historical record, people drive over daily but never think what is below.

Pictue 1 & 2 shows the Eastern Archway

Picture 3 & 4 shows the Western Archway.

Eastern Arch (Pre Works),

Eastern Arch (Post-Works)

Western Arch (Post-Works)

Western Arch (Pre Works)

Press release from St Mary’s

Press Release

16th May 2016

Island Admiral Nurses Launched at Nurses Day Celebration

International Nurses Day – 12th May 2016

Nurses, Midwives, Healthcare Assistants and Allied Health Professionals from across the Island have come together, with pride, to celebrate International Nurses Day.

Held at St. Mary’s Hospital the event was attended by nurses of all grades, employed by the local NHS on the Island. The focus of the event was to bring nurses together to share best practice and clinical expertise across all specialties as well as the opportunity to refresh and enhance skills to continue to improve patient care.

Speaking at the event, Alan Sheward, Executive Director of Nursing, said: “Days like today are really important. Not only does it give us an opportunity to stop for a moment and celebrate the fantastic care that our nurses, midwives and allied health professionals give to our patients every day but it reminds us all of why we chose to become a nurse, a midwife or an allied health professional. The reason is always to make a change, to help someone in need, to feel that we have done the best we can do. We are generating aspirational nurses for the future and today has given us all a renewed commitment to continue to improve and deliver innovative care.”

The celebration also marked the launch of the Island’s new Admiral Nurses – specialist dementia nurses – who will work in the community to help families who are living with dementia. An appeal to bring Admiral Nurses to the Island was initiated by Lady Sally Grylls, a champion for Dementia care on the Island, two years ago. Dementia UK, who developed the Admiral Nursing model, will govern and support the Admiral Nurse service, in partnership with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.   Representing Lady Grylls at the event Mr Ron Holland, former Island High Sheriff whose nominated charity was Dementia UK spoke about his personal experience of the effects of dementia and the important the role of Admiral Nurses play in the care of both patients and their carers.

Admiral Nurses play a unique role in care management by joining up the different parts of the health and social care system, and help the needs of family carers and people with dementia to be addressed in a co-ordinated way.  They provide medical, emotional, and psychological support from diagnosis through to end of life care and bereavement.

The Island’s Admiral Nurses will work with the family to ensure that they are better able to understand and cope with the changes that can occur with dementia, by giving them the knowledge to understand the condition and its effects, and the skills to improve communication and behaviours. This collaborative working enables the family to stay together for as long as possible.   

There are three Admiral Nurses covering the Island and two more Nurses are expected to be recruited over the coming months one of which is being funded by and will work with  the Hospice.   Access to the NHS funded service is made through the Memory Service at St. Mary’s Hospital whereby an assessment is carried out to identify the needs of those patients under the care of the Memory service.

Welcoming the addition of Admiral Nurses to the Island was Chief Admiral Nurse and Chief Executive Officer for Dementia UK, Hilda Hayo, who said: “We’re pleased that the Island now has the support of our Admiral Nurses, whose dementia expertise aids the physical and emotional wellbeing of people with dementia and their carers. The Admiral Nursing model is proven to give carers the skills and emotional support they need for prevention of crises, and this helps to reduce the contact time of affected families’ with GPs, nurses and social workers, and reduce health and social care costs.”

Free networking breakfast, lunch and afternoon teas were available followed by a number of motivational discussion sessions. One of the themes for the day was ‘Dying Matters’ which coincided with Dying Matters Awareness Week (9-15 May). There were also opportunities for staff to learn more about the world of social media and Twitter.

Royal Areronautical Society Lecture

The above society will be holding its last lecture of the 2015/16 season on Thursday 19th May in the main hall at the Isle of Wight Technical college.

The subject of the lecture will be “JSF–Safer Control Concept” and will be given by Anthony Chatwin, Glen D’Mello and Graham Tomlinson.

The presentation will commence at 6.00 PM, the meeting is open to all.

Displaced Persons Camp Wootton 1948.

Shown below is a picture of a group of people sat on the steps of one of the buildings that formed part of the “camp”. I have never been able to find out any details about the camp other than people from Eastern Europe were billited there after the Second World War around 1948.This picture was supplied by Mr Harrison who’s grandfather and grandmother are shown in the picture [front and second row, centre]. I am told that during the war the building/s were used by the air raid warden and civil defence.

Displaced person camp Wootton 1948

Below is a picture of the area today, bungalows have been built and the cul-de-sac named Kennedy Close after the local village doctor of many years, Dr Kennedy.

Kennedy Close

Rebuilt bridge parapit walls over Wootton Creek.

The rework of the bridge parapit walls over the creek at Wootton Bridge has been completed, the original walls were considered no longer strong enough for modern traffic and the 1866 castellated design [though attractive] did not give structural strengh in case of vehicle impact.

Island Road have rebuilt the walls using a slighly different coloured bricks and replaced the caping stones. The approach to the bridge has now been fitted with impact barriers and these have been enhanced with “log” facing to give a more rural effect to the barriers.

Bridge approach from Wootton  Approach to the bridge from the Sloop car park.

Bridge approach  Approach from Fishbourne showing the new barriers.

Seaward view of the new design brickwork  A view of new brickwork of the bridge and the two outlets from the millpond which have had strengthening work done.

Old Dixon postcards [Part 5]

This is the last of the old Scottish postcards, part 6 relates to English postcards

The Cuuillins & Loch Scavaig from Elgol, Isle of Skye.  The Cullins & Loch Scavaig from Elgol, Isle of Skye.

Plockton, Loch Carron, Wester Ross  Plockton, Loch Carron, Wester Ross

.The Bridge of Dee, Invercauld. Aderdeeenshire.  The Bridge of Dee at Invercauld, near Braemar, Aberdenshire.

On the Larig, Coylumbridge, Aviemore, Inverness-shire.  On the Larig, Coylumbridge, Aviemore, Inverness-shire

River Dee near Braemar, Aderdeenshire. The river Dee, near Bra

Old Dixon Postcards [Part 4]

Continuing with the presentation of 60 year old dixon postcards.

Sligachan Hotel & River Sligachan,Isle of Skye.  Sligachan Hotel & River Sligachan, Isle of Skye.

The ferry & Castle Moil, Kyleanin, Isle of Skye.  The ferry & Castle Moil, Kyleakin, Isle of Skye.

Torgyle Bridge, Glen Moriston, Inverness-Shire  Torgyle Bridge, Glen Moriston, Inverness-shire.

Loch Luichart, Ross-shire  Loch Luichart, Ross-shire.

Dornie Village & bridge, Wester Ross  Dornie Village & Bridge, Wester Ross.



Ballachulish ferry, looking over Loch Leven  Ballachulish ferry looking  over Loch Leven.

Sound of Sleat, Isle of Skye The sound of Sleat from Duisdale, Isle of Skye.