Wootton football team c 1985

Wootton Football club mid 1980

This picture was provide by Len Parker who was a member of the team and he has supplied names of the those members of the team he can recall, can anyone fill in the missing players

From the top left;- George Lee [manager], Mark Cooper, Len Parker, Trev. Halliday, Dave Langridge?, Simon Lamb?
Bottom left;- Simon Ditcham, Pete Shephard, Stev Stay, Stev Vanner, Orchard?, Kim Rose.

Calculate the day you were born on

250 year date calculator

Using this table allows one to identify the day you which one was born.

1. Firstly locate the year in which you were born in the left hand column.

2. Scroll across [to the right hand column] and find your birth month, note the single figure in the column opposite your birth year.

3 Down to the bottom set of numbers and find the single digit, then the actual date of your birthday then look to the left and find the day of the week in which you were born.

Clinical Commissioning Group public meeting

The next meeting of the above group in public will take place on Thursday 28th May at the Bembridge Community Center, Steyne Park, Steyne Road, Bembridge and will start at 10.30am.
Agenda and papers for the meeting can be viewed on the following web site www.isleofwightccg.nhs.uk from Wednesday prior to the meeting, or by requesting by e-mail to rebecca.berryman@iow.nhs.uk or by telephoning 01983 534862.

Sunday swims for Asthma sufferers

The Isle of Wight Asthma swim group is offering free Sunday swims in the heated baby pool at Medina Leisure Center to asthmatics and their families.
The activity will be under medical supervision and will take place every second and fourth Sunday in the month between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.
For further information please contact Liz Bell on 01983.564356.

Royal Aeronautical Lecture.

The last lecture for this season will be given at the Isle of Wight Technical in the Conference Hall on Thursday May 21st and will commence at 6.00pm
It is entitled “Leading the Greatest Aerobatic Team in the World” and will be given by Squadron leader Carl “Spike” Jepson.

Mill House {Mill Square Wootton]

Wootton, corn mill and Mill Square c 1920

This picture taken around 1920 shows the corn mill and the adjacent managers house in the background in which the Kearley family lived.

We have just received the following information from Mr Adrian Kearley concerning the time that his great grandfather and grandmother and their family lived in what was the mill manager’s house, which was adjacent to the old corn mill before, from the early part of the 20th century until around 1957.

It relates to an article that his uncle William Kearley of Cowes wrote at the time of the demolition of the mill premises at the end of 1962 early 1963 and it is believe to relate to an article published around that time in the County Press. In the article William [1905-77] goes on to explain how during the 1914-18 war he helped mother Mrs Emily Mary Kearley [1875-1960] bag coal as it arrived at Wootton.

His father John [1867-1937] [held the agency for the Wootton Coal Company [see article on main web site under Wootton 1900-49] and was away on war service. In order to support her young family of five young children and retain the agency, Emily took over the heavy manual work of bagging the coal in 56 lbs bag helped by her 10 year old son William. Once bagged the coal was delivered on a truck by William.

The arrival of the coal barge “Ada” with its cargo of a 100 tons of coal at the quay in Mill Square was a hectic time for all, labourers were hired to unload the barge being paid 6d per ton, to allowing the barge sail, tide permitting

During this time Mrs Kearley “special” customer was Mr John Samuel White, chairman of J.S.Whites, Shipbuilders, Cowes who at the time was living in Fishbourne. His order was for a ton of coal each time and was made of selected “nuts, this involved a few pence extra per bag and was delivered to the house in a horse and cart.

On his return from the war, John again took over the coal delivery business until it was sold to the coal barge maritime museumWootton Trading Company in the early/mid 1920s.

Back to William, now going by the name of Jim, he left school [one has to assume National School on New Road, see article] at the age of 14, having never missed a day through illness.  He started work in 1919 as a labourer at the adjacent corn mill, his day began at 6.00am and his first task was to coax the old gas engine that ran the mill into life. Some mornings it was a difficult task as the machine was old and temperamental and prone to back firing. When this occurred it shook the whole building and half the village of Wootton had an early awaking. The mill owner at that time was Mr. Leonard J. Souter [again see separate article on the family on the main web site]. Another of Mrs Kearley’s skills/occupations was to sew the silk screens through which the mill sieved the flour.

In order further supplement the family income Mrs Kearley preformed many other services to the poorer residents of Wootton, these included midwifery and the laying out of bodies ready for burial. She also was the caretaker of the nearby Unity Hall, which at the time was the headquarters of the Liberal Club.

An interesting fact to that has emerge from writing this article is the information that Wootton Conservative club first held their meetings in a large room in the Mill House.

One has to assume that this was prior to the completion of building now known as Bumbles Lane in 1924. The room in Mill House was also used for the early meetings of the Royal British Legion.

Mr John Kearley died in 1937 aged 69,                                        John Kearley 1914-18








The two ladies in the picture below are Mrs Kearley [died 1960 aged 85] standing at the the back and her mother is siting, the Kearley family left mill around 1957 having lived there for some 50 years

emily kearley back)









Source:- Mr Adrian Kearley & County Press



Possible new restaurant in Newport

It is reported that the restaurant chain Prezzo PLC. is requesting planning permission to erect an illuminated sign on the large building in Newport High Street that was formally housed the GPO.

All one can say is watch this space.

Community NHS.Clinic Ryde.

The above clinic [blood test etc.] in Swanmore Road will be closing on Friday 22 May.

The new medical facility at Shakelton House, Peelhurst Road, will open on Monday 1st June.

Any blood tests that are required during the closure period will be available at St Mary’s Hospital, Newport.

It may be also possible to have blood test at your local surgery, check for details.

Note;- The Southern Vectis service No. 37 has been amended to go pass the new facility.

A few useful tips.

1. To keep bread fresher longer, place the bread in a plastics bag with a stick of celery overnight, this will allow the bread to absorb some of the moisture from the celery and refresh the loaf.

2. Rescuing the rice if you have the misfortune to burn it, remove the pan/container from the heat and cover the container with  a piece of white bread and leave for around for 10 minutes.

The moist bread will absorb the burnt flavour and the rice will be edible, take care not to include any of the brunt rice when to empty the container.

3. To remove onion smell from your hands, rub your hands with a stainless spoon or utensil, the sulpher from the onions is attracted to the metal, wash the spoon afterwards.

4. To keep carrots fresh longer, place paper [an old newspaper is fine] in the container and cover the carrots with paper, the paper absorbs the moisture.

5. To clean a kettle which has a build up of calcium, use a mixture of white vinegar and water [50%] and boil, pore residue away.

6. To brighten, freshen and remove stains from aluminum, place apple peel in the pan and boil for 30 minutes.


A tribute to the above Polish destroyer and its defense of Cowes on the 4th of May 1942 will be held at the Bandstand, Cowes Parade on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May at 2.00 pm.

The Cowes British Legion Band will be in attendance, and there will an exhibition of photographs of Blyskawica sister ship ORP Grom which was lost in action May 1940, In the nearby Regatta House.