View of culvets under the bridge at Wootton

Displayed below are 4 pictures [permission given by Island Roads who own the copyright] of the underside of the culverts which allow water to leave the Millpond under the road at Wootton Bridge into the creek. Island Roads have recently carried out work to strenghen both the parapits and the culverts to carry modern day heavy traffic. In addition to the newly built parapits, a local firm, carried out specialized work [in difficut conditions] underneath the arches, this includrd drilling and fitted a series of 2? meter long re-enforcing rods [as specified by Island Roads] into the surounding ground to stabilize and stop movement of the structure. When considering these arches were originally built in 1866 they look in remarkable condition. Island Roads have given the web site permission to display these pictures as a once in a lifetime opportunity and as a historical record, people drive over daily but never think what is below.

Pictue 1 & 2 shows the Eastern Archway

Picture 3 & 4 shows the Western Archway.

Eastern Arch (Pre Works),

Eastern Arch (Post-Works)

Western Arch (Post-Works)

Western Arch (Pre Works)