Wootton Bridge and Whippingham on the Isle of Wight

The wind of change passing through as seen and commented on by VICTORIA M SNOW. (1911 - 1998)

Chapter 9

In 1921, there was a fire in the gravel pit and it spread to the hedge and our houses were in danger so everybody got going with brooms and buckets of water and eventually it was put out, but it smouldered in the pit for some time. All the hedges down Lushington and Top Road were burnt as it was such a hot summer. The gravel pit now has been altered greatly, two houses by the High Road hedge and a large car showroom on the corner and in the gravel pit itself, a nice home with well laid out grounds. What a difference to be sure, with a shop on the other corner, and houses all the way to Lushington in Gravel-Pit Road, ah well, so like a lot of other places Wootton Bridge as my people and I know it is not the same Wootton Bridge anymore. Very attractive mark you but not my Wootton Bridge.