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Sea-Copse-Hill Estate


Second addendum

The auction to take place at 2.0 o’clock precisely on the 23rd July 1900 at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London.

Freehold woods, meadows and fields
Situated near Wootton in the Parish of Whippingham.
Affording most attractive sites for the erection of one or more residences, besides yielding considerable sport, lands being well known famous of pheasants, partridge, Woodstock, rabbits etc.

Dowsett, Knight & Co. Auctioneers are instructed to sell by auction firstly in one lot of about 90 acres or, if not sold, in three lots totalling 23, 32, & 34 acres.

Lot 1
89 acres 1 Rod 37 Poles
Woods 41 acres 13 poles
Meadows 17 acres 1 rod 29 poles
Arable Fields 30 acres 3 rod 35 poles

If they are not sold as one lot they will be immediately offered in three lots. There are no public footpaths over any portion of the land. The estate is surrounded by woods of Her Majesty, Captain Holford and others.

Note. If desired, purchasers may have free conveyance.
Purchasers are required by conditions of sale to pay down 10%, and complete the purchase on the 29th day of September next, but, if within twenty-four hours after the day of the auction they give notice to the auctioneers to the effect, they may pay down a further 10%, making a total of 20% and have two years from the date of the auction in which to pay off the balance. They will be required to pay 5% per annum on such balance, however they may pay off the balance at any time and pay interest up to that time.

Editor's note: - We do not have any map reference to identify the location of the land, other than the gamekeeper Mr Wheeler lives in a cottage on lot 3.

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Source: Isle of Wight County Records Office

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