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Wootton Regatta

Tuesday 17th July 1888

A public meeting was held in the schoolroom, Wootton on Tuesday 17 July, to take into consideration the advisability of holding a Regatta at Fishbourne as was done very successfully in 1886. Mr. F. Cowper occupied the chair.
It was resolved that the event be held in September. Committee elected. Mr. F. Cowper; Capt. Benbow; Mr. W. Souter; Mr. W. Please; Messrs Hogg, Cole, Butchers, E. Brading and H. Cook.

Friday 28th September 1888

The weather for this event could have been kinder to spectators. In the morning it rained continuously, easing slightly later in the day but remaining dull and overcast, and this had an impact on the numbers of spectators attending the event.

A prettier spot for an aquatic event could not be found, with tree-fringed banks, flower clad cottages and glimpses of more ambitious dwellings, such as Lisle Court, hidden by the trees. Strings of flags were hung at advantageous points to liven the event. The committee consisted of Mr. Cowper, chairman [Lisle Court], Mr. Souter [judge/referee], Mr. Hogg, starter, [Coastguard officer], Mr. Brading [Secretary] and the following gentlemen:-Capt. Benbow, and Messrs. Butcher, Cooke, Cooper, Cole and Please.

Wootton Brass band under the direction of E. Brading were in attendance and provided an excellent selection of music.

The vessel “George” owned by Mr. Butcher was used as the committee boat, with Mr. T. Chatfeild-Clarke and Capt. Osborne being among the spectators.

Sailing race for fishing boats belonging to Wootton Creek, 25ft and over, time allowance half a minute per foot. Prize money:- One Pound two shillings and six pence, 15 shillings and 10 shillings.

Course to be around the Peel Bank Buoy, S.E. Ryde middle buoy and Ermingarde, finishing between the committee boat and the shore, which was a distance of about 10 miles.
Handicap: - The Norman [G.Chatfeild] allowed the Saxon [G.Barkham] five and a half minutes and Eliza [C.Chatfeild] three quarters of a minute, Eliza allowed the Saxon four and a half minutes.
The Saxon came in first, second Norman [handicapped by its great draught] and the Eliza a poor third.

Sailing boats belonging to Wootton Creek, 17-25 feet. Prize money, one pound fifteen shillings and six pence, 9 shillings and 6 pence and 5 shillings
Results: Kate, [G.Young], Lily, [Fowler], Bullfinch, [Mew] and Growler, [Wheeler]; distance 10 minutes.

Four-oared gigs with coxswain, for boys under 16 years. Prize money, 10 shilling and 7 shillings and 6 pence.
Ariel, [Cox, Cadogan], C.G., also competed but broke an oar rounding the marker boat.

Sailing boats under 17 feet. Prize money, 10 shillings and 7shillings and 6 pence. Queen, [Southcott], The Grace Darling, [Young] won by three lengths.

Pair-oared boat without a coxswain. Prize money, 8 shillings, 5 shillings and 3 shillings.
Siren, [Fowler & Linington], Squirrel, [G. & A. Osborne] and Quist, [Shephard & Mursell]

Four oared gigs with coxswain. Prize money, One Pound twelve shillings and six pence and seven shillings and six pence.
Ariel, [Messrs Osborne [3], Moore plus Cox Barnes, Amulet, Nellie, manned by coastguards, Lizzie, manned by quarantine men, this was an exciting race which Ariel won easily.

Single handed punts. Prize money, 4 shillings, 2 shillings and six pence, one shilling and six pence and one shilling, [5 started]
Fairy, [Young] Tidy, [Fowler] Quist, [Osborne] Pet, [Linington], Amulet, [Searle].

Paired-oared punt race for boys under 14 years. Prize money, 4 shillings, 2 shillings, 1 shilling and 6 pence. Lillywhite & Cooper, Mansell & Barkham, Rashley & Thorne, Young & Mackett.

Sculling race, Prize money, 4 shillings, two shillings and six pence and one shilling and six pence. Linington, Fowler [won by a length].

Single-handed punt race for boys under 12 years, Prize money, four shillings, two shillings and one shilling. Blaikie [Cadogan], Siren [Young], Curlew [Mackett].

The total prize money for the event was almost ten pounds, which was a lot of money in 1888. There was also a duck hunt, greasy pole contest and a mud race; a good time was had by all who attended.

Picture of Wootton Regatta
Wootton Regatta

Source: Isle of Wight County Press

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