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Quarr Lands 1132

To the East of the Creek was Quarr Abbey, founded around 1132 AD. Although its main holdings lay outside the boundaries of the Manor of Wootton it did hold a number of properties on the West side of the Creek. The foundation charter reveals that the mill of Escaudeflot (Wootton Tide Mill) in the Manor of Wootton was among their possessions. It had been granted to the Abbey by Geoffrey, son of Jordan de Insula.

The Abbey also owned Spletes, to the North of what is now the main road. This may well have been what is now Spreet's or Spreches Rew or Copse (New Road). In addition it owned Godyscroft, Smythes Close, Styles, Quarries (Quarrels Copse), Beche Place (next to what is now Station Road, formerly Beach or Beech Lane) and Fattingpark. The properties seem to have reverted to the estate of Wootton after the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

The Abbey held that it was exempt from paying tithes on Wootton Tide Mill. The Rector of Wootton did not agree. This resulted in several acrimonious disputes. There was one in 1262 and another in 1364. On the second occasion Abbot William accused Richard Atte Oke, the incumbent, of molesting the Abbey, presumably by seizing tithes to which supposedly he was not entitled. The Dean of the Isle of Wight and the Rector of Arreton were directed to see that the Rector did nothing to aggravate the situation, which obviously he had been doing.

In a similar type of dispute, the "stryfe and debate", finally resolved in 1488 took ten years to settle. It concerned other Wootton properties referred to above and in addition the tithes of Church Acre. The "finial pease" and agreement was reached by the "friendly and lovely coming together of gentlemen and the goodwill of Sir Nicholas Lisle" The parson of Wootton was to receive the tithes, in return for which he would pay 5s yearly, on Easter Sunday, to the Rector of Arreton and the Abbey.

Tithes: a tithe is generally accepted as ten per cent of the crop, earning, etc.

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S.F. Hockey Charters of Quarr Abbey. The Isle of Wight Records Series Vol. 3 (1991)

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