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Wootton Parish Council April 1985

Minutes of the First Meeting of Wootton Parish Council (constituted by the Medina (Parishes) Order, 1985) held in the Methodist Sunday Schoolroom, Station Road, Wootton Bridge, on Monday 29th April 1985.

Present: Councillors H.G. Barton, F.E. Butler, G.J.A. Crowley-Smith, Mrs. J.R. Hulacka, P.R.D. Meech, K.R. Morris, P.R. Peachey, Mrs. J.A. Sheen, M.P. Sheppard and L.J.F. Wheeler.

1 Formal Report Of Election Of Councillors And Their Acceptance Of Office

The Proper Officer (Mr. D. Carmichael, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of Medina Borough Council) reported that at the first election of Parish Councillors for the new Parish of Wootton held on 21st March, 1985, the following were elected as Councillors for the Parish:

  • Mr. H. G. Barton
  • Mr. F. E. Butler
  • Mr. G. J. A. Crowley-Smith
  • Mrs. J. R. Hulacka
  • Mr. P. R. D. Meech
  • Mr. K. R. Morris
  • Mr. P. R. Peachey
  • Mrs. J. A. Sheen
  • Mr. M. P. Sheppard
  • Mr. L. J. F. Wheeler

The nine Parish Councillors present then formally took their Declaration of Acceptance of Office before the Proper Officer.

2 Election Of Chairman

RESOLVED – That Councillor Mrs. J.A. Sheen be elected Chairman to serve until the Annual Meeting of the Council in 1986.

Councillor Mrs. J.A. Sheen made a Declaration of Acceptance of Office before the Proper Officer and thanked the Council for her election.

Councillor Mrs. Sheen then took the Chair.

3 Election Of Vice-Chairman

RESOLVED – That Councillor Butler be elected Vice-Chairman to serve until the Annual Meeting of the Council in 1986.

Councillor Butler made a Declaration of Acceptance of Office before the Proper Officer and thanked the Council for his election.

(At 7.30 p.m. Councillor Mrs. Hulacka entered the meeting).

4 Acceptance Of Office

Councillor Mrs. Hulacka formally took her Declaration of Acceptance of Officer before the Proper Officer.

5 Arrangements For The Appointment Of Staff

RESOLVED – (1) That the Proper Officer place an advertisement in local newspapers inviting applications for the post of Clerk to the Council at a salary negotiable from £850 per annum and that details of the response be submitted to the next meeting to enable the Council to prepare a short list of applicants for interview by the full Council.
(2) That copies of the advertisement referred to in resolution (1) above be supplied to the Chairman of the Parish Council to enable her to arrange for its display at appropriate locations within the Parish.
(3) That the Medina Borough Council be asked to provide an administration services which may be required pending the appointment of a Clerk.

6 Annual Parish Meeting

RESOLVED – That the Annual Parish Meeting be held at the St. Mark’s Annexe, Station Road, Wootton, at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 29th May 1985

7 Next Meeting

RESOLVED – That the next meeting of the Parish Council be held at the Methodist Sunday Schoolroom, Station Road, Wootton Bridge, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 21st May, 1985.

8 The Medina (Parishes) Order 1985

A copy of the Medina (Parishes) Order 1985, together with a map of the Parish area, had been circulated to each Member of the Council prior to the meeting.

9 Vote Of Thanks

RESOLVED – That a vote of thanks be recorded to the Medina Borough Council, the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary and his staff for their assistance in connection with the establishment of the Parish Council.

The meeting closed at 8.17 p.m.

After the conclusion of the formal business of the Meeting, Mr. A.G. Coddington, Chairman of the Isle of Wight Association of Parish and Town Councils, presented to the Wootton Parish Council, on behalf of his Association, a gavel and block and expressed his best wishes for a successful future for the new Parish Council.

Source: Wootton Bridge Parish Council Archives

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