The History of the Wootton Station Road Methodist Church Society

Chapter 3


In the very early records of our history, there is nothing said about the preaching of services at Littletown. This is accounted for by the fact that in those days the preaching was at Wootton Bridge and was held for the most part in a barn. At first, and for some time, this was a preaching station of considerable interest to the Bible Christian Missionaries, as will be seen from the records of their coming here so frequently. It is very probable that the first members of this church were awakened to a sense of sin by the preaching of one Captain John Matthews, who traded from some part of Cornwall to Wootton and who, when he came here, would preach in the open air or where else he could. When the first Bible Christian missionaries came, they found some hearts prepared to receive the good seed of the Kingdom. Among them was the now sainted Mr George Moody, who was a local preacher. For this information, we are indebted to Mr Moody's son, Mr George Moody, third local preacher on the Newport and Ryde circuit plan. 'Instead of the fathers shall come up the children'. 'Father' Moody was a grand old man, a most Godly man, who was prepared to undertake any amount of toil in preaching the Gospel, and was highly respected to the end of his days.

There are more reasons than one why the Bible Christians should have a place of worship at Littletown rather than at Wootton Bridge, about one and a half miles distant. One good reason is that there are two Methodist chapels at the latter place and therefore, a Bible Christian chapel is not required. If it were only a little nearer to the main road, the Littletown chapel would be all that one could desire for the locality. It was built in 1846, being the 12th Bible Christian chapel built on the Island. The Revs. C.W. Vernon, W.M. Bailey, D. Calloway, F. Martin, and R. Vaughan took part in the opening services. Before the chapel had been opened a year, It had been the birthplace of many souls. The Revs. W.M. Bailey and F. Martin conducted the first anniversary services and had a grand time of rejoicing over a year of prosperity. Since then, many souls have been born for glory in this place and still the work goes on.

Bible Christian Peachers Plan 1880

It is singular that since the above was written, the chapel has been blown down and arrangements have been made to build a new one near the High Road, almost close to Wootton railway station.


Storm damage viewed from the front of the chapel

Viewed from the front of the chapel

View at rear - Sunday School Room

View at rear - Sunday School Room