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Mrs Nan de Lande Long 1891 - 1946

Her death was announced on Sunday 19th May at the age of 55 years, at her home Lisle Court, Woodside, Wootton. She had been in frail heath for some time and had several serious operations, recently she had become very depressed and in the end took her own life, and she leaves a husband, son and daughter.

Picture of Nan de Lande Long
Nan de Lande Long

It would appear that she was born and educated in Edinburgh and attended finishing school in Paris. In her younger days in Scotland she was a well-known ice skater and golfer and was awarded a certificate from the Royal Humane Society for rescuing a woman from drowning. She married in 1913 and during the First World War worked for the British Red Cross in Edinburgh. During the Second World War, Lisle Court became the headquarters for the army welfare work and she was actively involved in helping soldiers with domestic problems.

Together with her husband and family she came to live on the Island in 1927 and became involved in village life such as the Wootton Nursing Association and the British Legion. On the Island she was very well known in the yachting circle being a member of the Royal Victoria and Bembridge Yacht Clubs.

In her younger day she was considered very attractive and her photograph frequently appeared in leading social periodicals. She had friends among royalty these included the Duke of Windsor, the late Duke of Kent and King Albert and Queen Elizabeth of the Belgians. Also she had travelled extensively and her knowledge of books and literature made her an excellent hostess.

Nan Doris de Lande Long was cremated at the Crematorium at South Stoneham Cemetery. Her entry in the register reads 22 May 1946 Nan de Lande Long age 55 and a female. Signature of Clergyman or Minister performing the funeral service was George E Roberts.

Picture of Memorial Bench in St. Edmunds Churchyard
Memorial Bench in St. Edmunds Churchyard, Wootton Bridge

A memorial service was held at St Edmunds Church on Saturday 25th May, and there were almost one hundred names listed in the report printed in the County Press.

Source: Isle of Wight County Press

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