Gravel Pit Road/Station Road


A valuable Freehold Building Estate of about 13 Acres, situated in the Parish of Arreton, three and half miles from Newport and four miles from Ryde, three minutes walk from Wootton Station on the Isle of Wight Central Railway, and close to the village of Wootton Bridge.

The lots are offered on the instructions of Messrs Bolam & Co, Agents for Captain Holford, for sale by Auction at the Bugle Hotel, Newport on Saturday April 28 1894 at Three o'clock in the afternoon in 18 lots. The area of land enclosed within the triangle of Gravel Pit Road [at the time of the sale known as New Road], the road from the junction to High Street [now known as Station Road], and back up the hill to Gravel Pit Road.

Lots 1 to 9. Start three housing plots in from the junction of Gravel Pit Road in Station Road, the measurement of each are as follows: Each lot having a frontage to the road leading from the Railway Station to Wootton of 90 feet.

Lot 1. Depth about 240 feet with area of 1 Rod 30 Perch
Lot 2. Depth about 260 feet with area of 1 Rod 29 Perch
Lot 3. Depth about 290 feet with area of 1 Rod 33 Perch
Lot 4. Depth about 325 feet with area of 1 Rod 36 Perch
Lot 5. Depth about 355 feet with area of 2 Rod 07 Perch
Lot 6. Depth about 385 feet with area of 2 Rod 09 Perch
Lot 7. Depth about 410 feet with area of 2 Rod 18 Perch
Lot 8. Depth about 420 feet with area of 2 Rod 22 Perch
Lot 9. Depth about 460 feet with area of 2 Rod 09 Perch

Lot 17. Goes up from the High Street to a pathway on the left giving access to the rear of the property [Back Road 12 feet wide]. A frontage to the road from Wootton Station to Ryde of about 220 feet and to the road leading from Ryde to Newport of about 520 feet, and a depth on the south of about 480 feet. Area about 2 acres, 2 rods 9 perch.

Lot 16. A valuable building site, occupying a corner position, having a frontage to a new road of about 212 feet and to the road leading from Newport to Ryde of about 435 feet, with a depth on the south side of about 480 feet. Area about 2 acres, 38 perch.

Lots 10 to 15. This is land along Gravel Pit Road [map reads New Road] heading towards Station Road. Each lot having a frontage of about 60 feet.

Lot 15. Depth about 460 feet with area of 2 Rod 26 Perch
Lot 14. Depth about 410 feet with area of 2 Rod 20 Perch
Lot 13. Depth about 355 feet with area of 2 Rod 06 Perch
Lot 12. Depth about 300 feet with area of 1 Rod 34 Perch
Lot 11. Depth about 240 feet with area of 1 Rod 32 Perch
Lot 10. Frontage of about 115 feet, average depth of about 170 feet and area of 1 Rod 37 Perch. Between Lot 11 and Lot 10 is the continuing pathway as listed above.

Lot 18. A pair of Cottages, substantially built of brick with slated roofs, each containing six rooms and a wash house, now in occupation of Canon Phillips and Mr Sheath, as weekly tenants, at Rentals amounting to £13 per annum. There are good gardens and ample water supply. Area about 1 Rod 12 Perch. This plot was situated on the corner between Gravel Pit Road [New Road] and Station Road.

At the time of the sale the next plot along Station Road from Lot 18 was owned by Mr D Barton and extended back to Gravel Pit Road, the second plot was owned by Mr Fidler and backed onto plot 10.

Map of plots offered for sale
Plots offered for sale
Picture of original sale document
Page of original sale document

Two of the plots on which present day house numbers 28 and 30 were bought at the time of the auction by Alfred John Mew.

Part of the Conditions of the Sale, as extracted from the transcript of the original auction document were - 5. The title shall commence with the general devise contained in the will dated 12 March 1837 of Robert Holford who died on 14 August 1838 and each purchaser shall without requiring any evidence of the fact assume that the said testator at the date of his said will was and henceforth until his death continued to be seized of the land including in the lot purchased by him, and that the same passed by the general devise aforesaid, and each purchaser shall on faith of a statement to that effect to be made in writing by the trustees of the will of the late owner of the property assume that the vendor has duly complied with the conditions imposed on him by the said will as to disentailing and settlement by him of certain properties situated elsewhere than in Isle of Wight, and shall not be entitled to require any information as to the settlement made in fulfilment of the said condition or make any requisition with reference thereto or to the said condition or make any objection to the title on the ground relating thereto.

Measurements: Rod = Five and half yards or Sixteen and half feet.
The term rod, pole or perch, a measure of length, five and half yards, of area 30 and quarter yards.

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Source: Mrs. G. Salter

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