Page Eleven

It is a dismal prospect, and I for one am sad to see such desecration in my time, but what can be done to stop it!

I therefore felt I must write this short history to prevent the memory of Fernhill being lost for ever.

N.B. I shall be very grateful to receive any any further information concerning Fernhill which is of interest, specially with regard to the Sanders and Galt families] so that I may include it in a more detailed history at a later date'

Mrs. D.G. Wilson,
6, Fernhill Park,
Wootton Bridge, I.W.

Acknowledgments and thanks to;-

Misses E.J., C.A. and A.B. Brodie.
mrs I. A. Dechering.
Mrs B. Gray.
Mr.R.J. Howick.

The following at Isle of Wight County Records Office;-

Mr. C.D. Webster,M.A. County Archivist.
Mrs D. Harding, B.A. Asst. Archivist.
Miss R.E. Brading.
Miss B. Larkin
Mrs F.L. May

Mr. W.R. Seward.
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Williams.