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Wootton Coal Company 1903

On Wednesday afternoon the 22nd July, at 1.00 P.M. in the Wesleyan Schoolroom in the High Street, 50 of the smaller customers of the above company were invited to attend so that they could each given one share in the company at the request of Mr. Alfred Thomas of Alresford, Hants, who at one time had lived in Cowes.

Mr. Thomas who was the largest shareholder in the company had been seriously ill, but had now recovered, but unfortunately he was now an invalid, and as thanks for his recovery he had decided to give his shares and interest in the company to the people of Wootton. The arrangements for the selection and transfer of these had been left in the hands of Mr. William Souter [passed chairman] he being assisted in this task by Mr. George Burgess [present chairman] and Mr Edmund Mew a director.

The selected recipients assembled in the schoolroom and at the request of Mr. Thomas his favourite hymn “It is Well” was sung to open the meeting. Mr. Souter then said it was Mr. Thomas wished to present his shares and interest in the Coal Company to the people of the village as he considered it an essential part of the village. If the company did not exist in the village the smaller customers would most likely have to pay at least 2d. per cwt. more.

The transfer of the shares was then made by Mr E. Brading [company secretary]. His nurse Mrs Morey who was warmly greeted by all, and presented with a handsome gift represented Mr. Thomas.

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to Mr. Thomas for his generosity and Mr Souter for ensuring the necessary formalities had been completed.

Editors note:
It is believed that this company was located at East key at the bottom of Kite Hill.
Are they’re any of the old share certificate still in existence that could be copied and placed on the web site?

Source: Isle of Wight County Press, 25th July 1903

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