Carisbrooke in Times Past


Carisbrooke from the air July 1986


The narrow High Street can be seen winding its way into Newport. There has been considerable development on the northern side of the village. The new Wellington Road schools and the beginnings of the Carisbrooke Park development can be clearly seen.

Entrance to Carisbrooke - A print c1840 by Harwood


The magnificent castle dominated the scene. The Hardwood print shows clearly a white residence. Can anyone name it? Travelling from Newport a tree bordered Mall became a feature of the road to Carisbrooke. Tall, elegant houses stood on either side - still an imposing sight today.

At the end of the Mall the road divides - the left fork to the castle, the right to the village. At the junction is a memorial cross to 'Sir John Simeon M.P. at Swainston. Died May 21st 1870. A man greatly loved'.

Take the right fork and journey on ....

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