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Camera Club 1938

Formed less than six months ago, the Wootton Bridge Camera Club attracted over 200 entries to its first exhibition held at the Holiday Camp [Wootton] on Thursday. A very creditable standard was attained, and the event was successful in every way. Mr. F. W. Beken, the well-known marine photographer, of Cowes, judged the entries and opened the exhibition. Dr. F. R. B. H. Kennedy [president] was in the chair, supported by Mr. C. A. Brading [chairman], Mr. R. F. Knowler [secretary] and members of the committee.

Dr. Kennedy stated that the club was not even thought of last Christmas. They thought members might support it with a few snaps and photographs, and that there might even be a few pictures from outside, but the effort had surpassed expectations. He thanked Mr. Knowler and the committee for their work in arranging the exhibition, and particularly praised them for staging the entries.

Mr. Beken said that after the rather anxious times through which they had been passing, it must have been a relief to all of them who had hobbies to turn to, especially when their hobbies happened to be photography. Photographers had to devote their whole attention to their hobby, they could not think of things outside.

Photography was a hobby, which not only gave pleasure to one's self but also to friends who would appreciate what one was endeavouring to express. It made one very observant. No other hobby made one appreciate beauty in the countryside so much. Many amateurs thought that when they had mastered the technique of photography there was nothing else to learn, but actually there was very much more to learn. One of the biggest things was composition. It was when one began to go deeply into composition that one saw how delightful the hobby was. Photography was a companion for life.

Dealing with the entries, Mr. Beken gave special praise to the way in which the photographs were arranged. They were well hung, tastefully displayed and correctly lighted. He suggested that in future, the number of classes should be limited. If the club progressed, and he was sure it would, they might invite pictures from perhaps Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex. They would then have an excellent selection, which would benefit members and be a great help to the club. After outlining the method that he adopted in judging, Mr. Beken emphasised the need for interest in pictures. Even the greatest artists did not always conform to rule. They should not be hind-bound by rules to technique and composition. Mr. Beken expressed surprise that the landscape entries were the weakest. Landscape work afforded many opportunities, and it might well be studied by the members. They had many beautiful subjects in the Isle of Wight. Mr. Beken was thanked on the proposition of Mr. Brading, seconded by Mr. Knowler. Besides the competitive entries, there were special exhibits by leading manufacturing firms, including new colour pints by Dufaycolour.

The winning entries were:-


  • 1.  Mr. B. Woodmansey
  • 2.  Mr. C. A. White
  • 3.  Mr. J. Bulter
  • Highly commended
  • Mr. G. N. Paterson
  • Mr. Paterson
  • Mr. Woodmansey



  • Mrs. Gwyther
  • Mr. H. Matthews
  • Dr. Kennedy.
  • Highly commended: Mr. E. Please



  • Mr. R. Knowles
  • Mr. G. Cheverton
  • Dr. Kennedy
  • Highly commended: Mr. R. Knowler



  • Dr. Kennedy
  • Mr. C. A. Brading



  • Dr. Kennedy

Other subjects.


  • Mr. G. Cheverton
  • Dr. Kennedy
  • Mr. E. Please
  • Highly commended: Mr. G. Cheverton

Source: Isle of Wight County Press, 22nd October 1938

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