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1880 Trade Directory

Picture of Wootton Bridge High Street from 1865
Wootton Bridge High Street, 1865
1880 Directory for the Village of Wootton
Barton, Daniel Woodman Beech Lane
Barton, George Farmer Wootton Farm
Betts, Rev. William John St. Michael’s Hillgrove, Wootton Common
Brading, Edmund Headmaster National School, New Road
Brading, William Builder Wootton Bridge
Brodie, Frederick J.P.,F.R.A.S. Fernhill House
Brown, Alfred Lynn farm
Brown George Farmer Whitehays Farm
Brown and Hobbs Coffee Tavern Wootton (agents for the County Press)
Burgess, George Dairyman New Road
Burfoot, Joseph Farmer The Grange, Wootton Common
Burnett, David -- Wootton
Chatfield Bros Fisherman New Road, Wootton
Clarke, Thomas Chatfeild J.P, F.R.I.B.A. Oakfield, Beech Lane, Wootton Common
Coffen, George -- Bridge Mead, Wootton
Cole, William Hearne -- New Bridge
Coleman, Rev.William H Rector The Rectory
Cooper, Arthur Landlord Woodman’s Arms, Wootton Common
Cooper, Josiah Carpenter Little Kitehill
Cooper, Ewart Mitchell Farmer Fernhill Farm
Cooper, Robert Grocer and baker Wootton Bridge
Cootton, John Brick maker New Road
Cowper, Frank Gentlemen’s School Lisle Court
Cuthell, T.G. Army Colonel Oaklawn, Woodside
Dimmick, Robert, -- High Street
Felgate, Thomas Raine -- The Retreat
Fry, Alfred Bootmaker High Street
Gallop, Edward Farmer Fatting Park Farm
Groundsell, James Young Plumber Wootton Bridge
Guy, H Tinman, Lamp Dealer Wootton Corn Mill
Guy, W Carpenter New Road
Harbour, John -- High Street
Harris, Albert -- Bridge Mead
Hatcher, Frank -- Packsfield Cottage, Wootton Common
Hayles, Bros Shipbuilders Fishbourne
Hobbs, Edgar -- Bridge Mead
Hobbs, Harry Coffee Tavern Agent for Wootton Coal and barges
Hobbs, William Brickmaker Wootton
Johnson, Alfred Dairy Farmer Littletown
Jolliffe, Joseph -- High Street
Jones, Edward -- High Street
Jones, William -- New Road
Knapp, Thomas -- Bridge Mead
Knighton, Henry Farmer Palmers Farm
Lee, Samuel Mason Wootton
Lillywhite, Henry General Shop Wootton
March, Isaac -- Wootton
McMullen, Mrs Lodging House Westborne
Meads Farmer Woodham Farm
Mew, Edmund Baker, provisions Wootton
Mew, Henry Dairyman Balaams, Littletown
Moody, George Woodman, farmer Haydens, High Street
Newberry, John Shoeing, Blacksmith Also the Post Office, Wootton
Nursell, Frederick -- Fishbourne
Osborn, Gad Mariner New Road
Osborne, Delan Army Captain Woodside
Phillips, George Carter, dairyman Beech Lane
Please, William Builder, contractor Wootton
Please, William [junior] Carpenter Wootton
Purkis, Frederick Sloop Inn Mill Square
Reynolds, W Butcher, Grazier Palmers Brook and Newport
Salter Mariner New Road
Saunders, J Mason High Street
Searle, Charles Isaac -- Fishbourne
Sheppard, Charles -- Bridge Mead
Sheppard, Joseph -- Bridge Mead
Slarks, Thomas -- Fernhill
Snudden, Henry Dairyman Mouse Hill Farm
Souter, William Miller Wootton Corn Mill
Sprake, Mrs -- Jubilee House
Taylor, George Retired Farmer Ivy Hall
Tharle, Mrs -- Oak Cottage
Thompson, John Insur. Agent New Road
Thompson, Mark Draper High Street
Tytherleigh, Richard -- The lodge, Fernhill
Vanner, Henry -- Wootton
Walcott, Miss -- Kite Hill
Weeks, William Dairy Farmer Palmers Farm
Wickenden, Mrs -- Wootton
Young, William -- The Bannons, Beech lane

General Notes For 1880

In the high street, two water taps have been fitted in the Victorian fountain which was built to commemorate the Queen Victoria Jubilee. The fountain is located opposite New Road, and provides spring water for people in the village. The water itself is sourced locally, the ground contains blue slipper clay and the taste of the water is of a brackish nature.

  • St. Edmunds Church, Rector Rev, W.H.Colman B.A.
  • St. Michael and All Saints Church, Wootton Common, Curate in charge, Rev.W.J.Betts. services 11 am. and 3pm. Sundays.
  • Wesleyan Chapel, High Street, various ministers.
  • Bible Christian Chapel, Littletown, various ministers.
  • National School, New Road, Headmaster, Mr E. Brading, Mistress, Mrs. Brading.
  • Wootton Cricket Club, secretary Mr. E. Brading.
  • Parish Clerk, Mr. Joseph Cooper.
  • Overseer, Mr R.Y. Morgan, Ramsdown farm, near Chillerton.
  • Guardian, Mr. A. Morris.
  • Highways Commissioner, Mr. R. Y. Morgan.
  • Post, Money and Telegraph Office, postmaster Mr. John Newberry. Letters received at 4.10am. and 3.10pm. and delivered at 7 am. and 8.30pm. respectively. Post box (wall) at Wootton Common.
  • Carrier, Mundell, through from Newport to Ryde, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Coaches (horse), Vanners from Ryde to Newport and return daily.

A portion of the hamlet of Chillerton is within the parish of Wootton.

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