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115 High Street

The details below represents the transaction of the Title Deeds of Transfer between the years 1844 and 2007.

Title Deeds of Transfer - 115 High Street, Wootton
16 Dec 1844 Indenture John Cooper
Jonathan Gain
Thomas Hollis and James Hollis
Thomas Nicholson [known as Thos. Cooper Nicholson] wife: Diana
Ann Cooper [Ann Moody wife of George Moody]
By Will To his daughter dated 8 Aug 1851
6 Feb 1852 John Cooper died
By Will to wife Diana dated 10 Sept 1845
6 Mar 1857 Thomas Nicholson died
27 Aug 1855 Indenture William Jefferies Beckingsale
Agnes Mary Ford Beckingsale, wife of Munter Macdonald
Beckingsale of Cowes
Sale of Land to W H Please
Plots A B C D 120’ frontage to Newport – Ryde road
Stipulated to build one detached or two semi-detached house on any plot with/without stabling or outbuildings
21 May 1874 Indenture Alfred Moody of Newport
William Cook of Broone (Brooke)
22 July 1875 Indenture Alfred Hardy of Newport
Ann Moody, wife of George Moody the elder of Wootton
To William Jefferies Beckingsale
Comprise of 3 Cottages or tenement and land known as “Woodbine Cottages” on the south side, 142’ or thereabouts in occupation by Maria Thompson, Ann Attrill & George Bright. Right of way to said 3 cottages etc, to the well of water known as “Well Parrelt”
27 Feb 1880 Diana Nicholson
to Alfred Hardy
27 Aug 1885 W J Beckingsale and Agnes M F Beckingsale
29 Oct 1898 Agnes & W J Beckingsale
3 Dec 1898 Conveyance William Jefferies Beckingsale of Newport
William Henry Please
To Walter John Langton, Wootton Lodge
9 Oct 1881 Abstract of Title Alfred Hardy died
16 June 1885 Ann Moody died
23 Sept 1914 Conveyance W J Langton of Wootton Lodge
B J Whitbread
To Benjamin John of High Street plots B C with 80’ frontage to road
29 Dec 1933 Mortgage B J Whitbread - died 3 Jan 1938
Lloyds Bank
25 Mar 1937 By Will Leonard Whitbread, son and executor
Dora Hendy of East Cowes
May Foss of East Cowes
Eva Whitbread [Phillips] of Aylesford, Kent
Edward Whitbread - W.O. Royal Navy
Kathleen Johncox of Ryde
Equal portion of estate
13 Mar 1939 Mortgage redeemed from estate
20 Mar 1939 Abstract of title Herbert Edward Johncox and Kathleen Johncox “De Aar” freehold and leasehold
20 June 1939 Purchase of triangular parcel of land ‘D’
20 Sept 1947 Official Searches De Aar; Holmleigh (formally known as Hatherleigh), Cartref
22 Sept 1947 Sold by Assent to Leonard Whitbread [Lt. Col.] of Edinburgh premises “De-Aar”; “Hatherleigh”; “Cartref” of High Street
21 Jan 1952 Conveyance Lt. Col. L. Whitbread
to Peter & Doreen Margaret Heggs ‘De Aar’ 115 High Street
5 Oct 1955 Conveyance P & D M Heggs
to Harold Terrance Parsons of Wootton
6 July 1976 Conveyance H T Parsons
to Robert Edwin Eason of Ryde
24 Aug 1993 Conveyance R E Eason
to Nigel Michael Davey of Binstead

Source: Mrs. Fry
[Please also refer to Properties/Wootton Lodge]

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